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Alaska Football Cup – The Legacy of Creating Champion Kids for Our Country’s Future

    The field of Ayala Alabang Country Club covers an expansive space of real estate yet everywhere I set my gaze on, I see young kids, teenagers and young adults running, kicking, and scrambling after multicolored soccer balls. Alaska... Continue Reading →

Borlain sisters rule Alaska IronKids Triathlon in Subic

    Tara and Samantha Borlain again finished one-two in the same category (Girls 11-12) during the 2015 Alaska IronKids Triathlon held in Subic over the weekend. Open to children 6 to 14 years old, Alaska IronKids is the local... Continue Reading →

Tristalker and the Alaska Ironkids – With Wills of Steel and Spirit of Sportsmanship

    Tristalker was born out of this assignment given me by the wonderful Ogilvy staff, PR handlers for Century Tuna, led by Lhen Hasal, petite, bubbly, and workaholic that she is. For the very first time I was tasked... Continue Reading →

Talk About Fitness, Nutrition and Hydration

There are many things to learn about this aspect of training and competition that seemed less important than, well, training and competing itself - nutrition and hydration. Last November 27, in partnership with held an informative talk around... Continue Reading →

Management of Workday Running Stress – The Cheapangga Way

Work and Running “I am a working girl, a busy working girl” as the stanza in a song goes.  So what’s the connection to my current topic?  Nothing much really, I just want to sing it.  Seriously though, most of... Continue Reading →

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