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Midnight Run

The Diva Goddess at a Cost!

My Diva Goddess Ensemble I may go for things that are cheap but befitting a diva as my pseudonym Cheapangga suggests, but there are certain instances when I just would not settle for what is good enough but cheap for... Continue Reading →

The Fabulous Divas as Greek Goddesses and the Hunks!

The Fabulous Running Divas striked again!  This time as Greek Goddesses who decended from the heavens and made a prestigious appearance for the lucky mortals, the runners of St. Peter’s Midnight Run! The St. Peter’s Midnight Run held recently at... Continue Reading →

A Divalicious Experience At The Midnight Run

It was a wonderful and unique experience once again for the fabulous running divas recently at the Midnight Run. It was held at the White Plains vicinity starting midnight of October 31.  What a fabulous way to jumpstart Halloween festivities... Continue Reading →

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This blog aims to promote awareness of middle & long distance track running (from 800m to 10,000m) among Filipinos.

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