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Fab Kembot Sweepers – The Ambon Ambon and Malagaslas Spring LSD Experience

    Crossing Mendez served as the starting point of our LSD that gathered more than 80 runners from diverse running groups from the Metro like TRD, PIGS and FRD; and from Cavite like Latak, TK and MK. This is... Continue Reading →

Run with the Stars – Power Kembot 5

    This coming Sunday, the Fabulous Running Divas will be having an LSD starting from Silang Bayan at around 5 a.m.  Covering the Cardiac Route and totaling 35K approx., this preparatory race for Condura Skyway Marathon the following Sunday... Continue Reading →

Power Kembot LSD Part Tres – The Daang Hari Super Charged Route

The Start I had more or less an hour of sleep; I was restless on my bed and I do not know why. Thus, I prayed that either it rains hard or that nobody but me arrives at our usual... Continue Reading →

Enervon Activ And Its Role In My First Triathlon And RUPM Training; My First International Race!‼

Angkor What? Ask any runner what his or her dream race would be and I bet my signature aqua blue wig that it would involve, more probably than not, an international destination race.I for one would definitely want to experience... Continue Reading →

Me, Madonna and the PAR LSD

  As of late I have been playing Madonna concert videos (I bought a 10 disc metal cased compilation) in almost daily consistency every morning in place of my usual news channel TV viewing.  This might be a good thing... Continue Reading →

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