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Rock Star Carbohydrate Boost in a Humble Potato – Pre and Post Workout Food Idea

Rock Star Carbohydrate Boost in a Humble Potato – Pre and Post Workout Food Idea   Carbohydrates, despite the bad reputation they have gained from so-called nutrition gurus, are essential to sustaining the body’s energy. This importance is highlighted in... Continue Reading →

Nutrilite Double X – Triple Punch to Health, Wellness and Beauty

    Admit it, pushing the age barrier to lay credence to this Gen X battle cry of “40 being the new 30” and “50 being the new 40” requires more than meets the eye. Well, others have the good... Continue Reading →

Organique Acai Berry Premium Food – Can It Bring Back My Running Life?

      The power of anti-oxidants in ridding our system of free radicals known to throw our body’s cellular integrity off balance resulting in physical and mental deterioration is very promising that they are being hailed as the modern... Continue Reading →

2016 Guam Thanksgiving Day Dragon Boat Festival – Introducing Guam as a Sporting and Shopping Mecca to the World

  Growing up knowing the world through the eyes of history books used in school, I had this concept of Guam as another Philippine island that has not declared independence from the US. Or maybe I was just not listening... Continue Reading →

Under Armour Run Crew Ph!

    Be part of the first ever Under Armour Run Crew in the country and enjoy perks of being a member of the prestigious team! You will get to enjoy exclusive discounts on diverse sports products and apparels and... Continue Reading →

How and Why Did I Start to Run

    How and Why Did I Start to Run   It was a sudden realization that I needed to reclaim what was left of my cardiovascular fitness after years of inactive and destructive lifestyle. I was climbing up the... Continue Reading →


UNDER ARMOUR ANNOUNCES THE 2016 STEPHEN CURRY ASIA TOUR     Manila, Philippines (Aug. 6, 2016) – Stephen Curry embarked on his second annual summer tour with Under Armour which began September 2. The reigning league MVP will once again... Continue Reading →

CrossFit MNL Introduces Run MNL

    CrossFit MNL Introduces Run MNL   CrossFit MNL (CFMNL), the pioneer in bringing CrossFit in the Philippines, has proven to be the school of elite fitness. CFMNL has encouraged men and women of different fitness levels to try... Continue Reading →

Organique Acai Berry – Super Anti-oxidant in a Bottle

    Free Radicals Chemical elements and compounds in our body interact dynamically by losing or gaining electrons or combining with each in order to stabilize their structure. Free radicals are unstable molecular forms that result out of these interactions... Continue Reading →

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