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Going places and the valuable experiences, the once in a lifetime opportunity to bask in the culture, environment, atmosphere of a new place, are all narrated here. Along the way, some delectable foods and restos serving them will likewise be rated and critiqued.

EasyGrocery – Like Having a Grocery Vendo Machine at Home!

EasyGrocery Android App   Convenience and time are becoming more valuable and cherished as we step into the era of “virtual reality”. Anything that can save us precious ticks of Father Time  we can otherwise spend with our family and... Continue Reading →

Australia Harvest Oatmeal – Your Daily Colon Sweeper

  We pride ourselves in being clean with our body and surroundings. A twice a day bath regimen is as part of our system as brushing our teeth after every meal that it becomes instinctive. But how about those parts... Continue Reading →

Alaska Gatas for Breakfast – Starting the Day Right

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  One should not skip it at all cost as it determines how your day will go.  During the night as we sleep for 6 to 8 hours,... Continue Reading →

Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant Makati – A Superb Dining Experience and Abalone Rice

The Origin   Our gracious host and part owner of the chain of Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurants (currently there are three: Ongpin, Banawe and Chino Roces Avenue), Mr. George To, recounted how his and business partners’ love for eating propelled... Continue Reading →

Cheapanggang Diva’s Foray in Tropical Paradise Balesin!

  It was a very stormy weekend getaway to the enclave of the rich and famous, yet the experience and the place was simply fantastic for gusty winds and rain to dampen. And to think that I was initially skeptical... Continue Reading →

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