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My sojourns as a hair and make-up artist with some dashes of life events and other amusements outside of sports.

Organique Acai Berry – Super Anti-oxidant in a Bottle

    Free Radicals Chemical elements and compounds in our body interact dynamically by losing or gaining electrons or combining with each in order to stabilize their structure. Free radicals are unstable molecular forms that result out of these interactions... Continue Reading →

ATC Fish Oil – Best for Runners and Athletes; Best for All!

Growing up we have been advised, first by our parents, then later on by nutritionists and almost every other health gurus that proliferate nowadays to eat fish and vegetables over red meat, sweets and cholesterol-laden foods. By this time, such... Continue Reading →

Scrub, Scrape and Tone to a Fresher, Younger You!

The glamorous doctor and me!     I haven’t for the life of me ever gotten a facial! Not that I do not see the need of (not flawless by any standard!), it’s just that I am not really that... Continue Reading →

SKIN PHILOSOPHIE – The Philosophy of Affordable Luxury

    Not Selfie Friendly Anymore I believe many my age and older can relate to this quandary of mine - the no posting of unedited photos to Facebook policy! They have to go through skin smoothing and brightening apps... Continue Reading →

Cheapanggang Diva Top Caliber Glam Squad

I consider myself lucky to have this great opportunity of getting to know 3 fantastic make-up artists.  Their works I have seen improve dramatically to top caliber level in just a span of more than a year. They were trained... Continue Reading →

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