Almost four decades of passive existence left me with nothing much of an accomplishment to be proud of. I live in the confines of my own limited world keeping to myself as if in extended hibernation.  Heeding the fast approach of life’s closure with boredom and nothingness keeping me company most of the time, I dived on a quest to make what’s left of my active life worthwhile, if not noteworthy.  What best endeavor to start with than that which keeps me on my toes (well legs actually) than running which is very much at an arms (or legs) reach. First of all it comes natural to man, though coach potatoes like me would contest, and it does not require expensive tools save for running shoes which are comparatively very much cheaper than a bike and/or swim gears for example.  From a few meters during my first few tries to the entirety of the marathon stretch, I found myself opening up to the world and the many possibilities of making life worth living. After three years of strictly running, I am now looking for possibilities of incorporating biking and swimming into my weekly routine.  An Ironman in the making? Well not really. But who knows?