Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain Congress 2018 (DEBC 2018) – Teaching You How to Innovate and Earn Millions at Home




To Innovate is To Thrive

Digital innovation is cruising at the speed of light that business and financial institutions who fail to keep up with this frenetic pace will most likely find themselves eating dust and making do of leftovers.  Eventually this spells doom even for top corporations lording over the competition for decades that their brand names became synonymous with the product/s they sell.  Kodak, Toys R Us, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Netscape, Nokia (though the brand is recently slowly redeeming what little is left of its market share via modernized models and operation system), are but a few of the popular brands that come to mind biting dust.  If failure to innovate can spell doom even to these established corporations, imagine what more destruction it can do to small enterprises barely trying to survive the cut throat market.  Therefore, to innovate is to thrive.


Bet you don/t want your company to end like one of these multinational companies.



John Calub Training International in partnership with Token News Hong Kong was inspired to conduct the first ever Digital Marketing, E-Commerce and Blockchain Congress 2018 or DEBC 2018 to educate those who own small, medium or even large scale enterprises on how to re-engineer their businesses to succeed amidst the revolutionizing market.   This will be held on May 26, Saturday, at the Grand Ballroom of the Luxent Hotel in Timog Avenue, Quezon City from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Top caliber speakers and experts were assembled to give valuable inputs on successful digital marketing and e-commerce practices as well as the newest and fastest ways of earning millions without even stepping out of the comforts of your home using the internet.




John Calub knows how to breed success in those who are willing to listen and learn.  He is the country/s leading success coach and a CEO of Success Mall afterall.  Seen here during the media launch of DEBC 2018, he emphatically stated that people nowadays are not bent on going to the malls!


Here is the complete list of topics and speakers to be discussed during DEBC 2018:

  • How to grow your profits through digital marketing (blogging, viral videos, search engine optimization, social media ads) – presented by Carl Ocab, who was recently featured in th cover of Forbes’ Magazine as one of the Internet Millennial Millionaires (“30 Under 30” Cover Story)
  • How to ride the e-commerce boom and expand your business globally – presented by John Calub, Philippines’ No. 1 Success Coach and CEO of Success Mall
  • Introduction to Blockchain and Smart Contracts – presented by Michael Brucal, CEO of ZendCreative
  • How to earn millions through cryptocurrency trading without leaving your home presented by Ariel Wanag, President of CryptoMaster Traders, Incorporated
  • How to start your own cryptocurrency mining business – presented by Akili Polee – CEO Of Pinnacle Mining (United States of America)
  • The future of tokens and e-commerce – Token News Hong Kong and Riku Onuma – COO of Kings Coin (Hong Kong).


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Carl Ocab of has been earning millions since he first started his website at age 12!  Now he is teaching multinational corporations on how to make theirs current, functioning, and, well, earning.  This brilliance he will likewise share to those who will attend DEBC 2018 on May 26.


Let’s hear it from Carl Ocab himself talking on 3 things to spark digital transformation in your business namely,

  1. Building solid social media presence
  2. Selling products online
  3. Exploring blockchain tech




Meet Ariel Wanag, President of CryptoMaster Traders, Incorporated, one of the very first group of Filipinos to use bitcoin.  He promised two things among the many when investing in bitcoin or cryptocurrency:  first, it may seem hard at first but it is actually very easy; second, your money will never be ZERO, ever!


The highlight of this educational program is the presentation of King’s Coin, a new cryptocurrency that boasts a transaction speed that parallels that of VISA.  During the media launch held recently, media practitioners and bloggers were treated to a privilege video conference with Riku Onuma , Chief Operating Officer of King’s Coin.  With the help of an interpreter, they were able to hear about its many advantages over other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum like faster processing time staright from the Japanese COO’s mouth.  Through this new technological revolution, he added, secure, trustworthy e-commerce transactions through blockchain technology can now be experienced by businesses around the globe.  By the way, amidst the recent bitcoin controversy, it was emphasized during the launch that it was the wrong usage and ignorance of this cryptocurrency that caused the controversy and not bitcoin per se.  Cryptocurrencies are very popular means of trading and earning money utilized worldwide.




Here is Riku Onuma , Chief Operating Officer of King’s Coin, having a video chat with the entire media present during the launch.  It is clear that despite his young looks, he knows his mettle having at the most 11 companies under his belt.


For further details on the DEBC 2018:


Who should attend?

Business owners/entrepreneurs, working executives, sales and marketing people and all those interested to experience digital transformation in their businesses and those who want to gain financial freedom are all welcome to take part in this whole-day series of learning sessions.

As an exciting bonus, the first 250 participants who arrive and register at the venue on May 26 will receive a free bitcoin!  Special prizes from the workshop games shall also be given away such as a 32-inch LCD flatscreen tv, a brand new mobile phone, and others.

Tickets for5 this event are available for only P750 (General Seating) and P1,500 (VIP Seating with lunch) at all SM Tickets outlets (

For inquiries, you may contact John Calub Training, Internatonal office at (02) 877-9479 or txt KC Lutao 09151098357.  For updates LIKE facebook fanpage at


Take a peek at these photos taken during the media launch held at the Luxent Hotel, Timog Avenue, Quezon City.


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Social Media Influencers and Bloggers present during the Media Launch