EasyGrocery Android App


Convenience and time are becoming more valuable and cherished as we step into the era of “virtual reality”. Anything that can save us precious ticks of Father Time  we can otherwise spend with our family and friends or catch up some needed rest and ups our comfort levels are priceless.


Working parents and even house parents are already having hands’ full as it is with managing the household that something like going for a weekly grocery to the nearest supermarket and grocery store is something of an added burden. Add to this nightmare the almost 24/7 traffic nowadays as well as the people traffic in the grocery/supermarket aisles and the queues at the cashier that pose as added stressors and waste of time. How about adding parking woes and parking rates to the equation!  The grocery list itself is almost a constant that the paper and the ink are starting to fray at the edges and fade to invisibility as they become etched in daddy or mommy memory together with the hassles that go with it.


How many times did we think that if only there is a grocery vendo machine right in our doorsteps as we head for the nearest grocery store in our signature harassed mommy in “duster and curlers” or daddy in “sando and Hawaiian shorts” look?


EASYGROCERY – an online grocery shopping and delivery service app is the closest approximation to your grocery vendo machine! EasyGrocery allows consumers to purchase their grocery items from the app and have them delivered to their preferred address within 60 minutes committed time. The app works for both iOS and Android phones and is now available for download from the App Store and Google Play.


“We currently live in a fast-paced lifestyle where convenience and time-savings are the public’s priority requirement in their day-to-day activities. It is from this reality that the idea by which EasyGrocery was conceptualized.” said EasyGrocery’s President & CEO Eugene Leoncio.


Whatever the case may be, this latest mobile app delivers the hassle-free and convenient way of getting the week’s basic necessities from the store to the customer’s home, with just a few clicks.


To appeal to the discerning market, EasyGrocery puts prime value in winning the trust of their users by putting their own brand of customer service in place:

  • A fast and easy ordering system designed exclusively for the app
  • Trained Runners who will personally pick-up the groceries as soon as orders are confirmed online
  • GPS mobile app tracker for their riders which allows customers to track the driver’s location with ETA
  • A proactive notification system which allows customers to see if items/orders are already in process and see their current status


EasyGrocery provides a variety of online grocery shopping options as it makes it possible to purchase the orders in some of the country’s biggest supermarket chains. What’s best, groceries will come from the stores nearest to the customers in order to meet delivery time. Users have the option of paying Cash On Delivery (COD), credit card and points payment and soon, payments can also be made via Bayad Centers, over the counter, online banking, convenience stores and mobile payment facilities.


And since EasyGrocery only charges a flat rate of 100 pesos for the service fee per order and another 100 pesos for the delivery fee; it is still more affordable compared to commuting and then dealing with the unnecessary expenses of grocery shopping!


EasyGrocery is now available in its three pilot areas of Makati, Parañaque and Taguig, and hopes to add more cities in the coming months.





In this modern age where almost everybody is looking out for themselves, working 24/7 just to make ends meet amidst urban chaos, anything delivered at our doorsteps is God-send. Mommies can attend to a myriad more stuffs and responsibilities that go on forever in their job description as housewives. Bachelors and bachelorettes in their dungeons called pads can simply browse and click as they raise their feet watching TV after a day of corporate ladder climbing and a night of partying. Students living near universities and away from home need not anymore bother their busy parents with essential grocery items and instead head for the app and pay with their parents credit cards. What?!!! (I can almost hear the resounding clamor. Haha….)


EasyGrocery as I can see it is simply giving us both convenience and time. Now that is what I call premium for your hard earned money.