The power of anti-oxidants in ridding our system of free radicals known to throw our body’s cellular integrity off balance resulting in physical and mental deterioration is very promising that they are being hailed as the modern day fountain of youth. Acai berry’s pulp and skin exclusively harvested by Organique in the Amazon rainforest contain a whopping 100,000 units of Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC per 100 grams. This is the measure of the amount of anti-oxidant content a substance has and this amount makes Acai berry the most “super” of all “superfoods”.


Here is the comparative result provided by Organique: Mangosteen = 20,000; barley = 25,000; wheat grass = 40,000.




Regine Tolentino is the perfect brand ambassador for Organique Acai Freeze Dried Capsule, the portable version of the Organique Premium Blend, being an active TV, movie, fitness and fashion personality that she is moving from one place to another and doing a sundry of things in a day.


“ I take Acai Organique Freeze Dried Capsule daily, without fail before I eat my breakfast. I feel energized, alert and active the whole day, ready to take on the day’s challenges.” Regine relates the secret to what gives her flowing energy throughout the day and glowing complexion that makes her look young and fresh.  Whatever you take Ms. Regine, I am definitely having!




A complimentary Organique Acai Berry Premium Blend was given to those who attended the product launch held last August 17 at the Relish Restaurant along Tomas Morato St., Quezon City. Consequently, this is my chance to try this promising health drink.


I had been running religiously for almost 7 years before I felt something not right starting last year.  This led me to diminish my mileage until eventually I totally stopped this year after the person who stood as my mother died. I simply did not find the drive or the physical condition to run anymore.  I gained weight as a result.  I felt sluggish and out of breath even climbing just a couple of stairs. Hopefully, this food supplement that I will take before breakfast (like Regine, of course) will jumpstart my system to be able to do and love running once again (and be beautiful like Regine, of course!).


I will share to you the result after I consume this almost 1 liter Organique Acai Berry Premium Blend taking 1 jigger-full a day. (The recommended amount though is 2 jiggers a day.)  I really hope that this health supplement will be as effective for me as it was for the ABS-CBN writer (whom I forgot the name) who shared how the product helped him in weight loss.  Here he is flanked by owner Cathy Salimbangon and Miss Regine Tolentino.





Here are some pictures I took during the product launch which was also an Organique Purple Run 2017 race launch as well. The details of this color fun run happening on October 8, a Sunday at McKinley West, BGC with distances 3K, 5K and 10K, I posted at my running blog


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Of the health benefits of Organique Acai Berry Premium Health Food listed on their catalogue, here are some that I find can be helpful to bringing back my active body:


  • Strengthens the body – running requires a strong muscular-skeletal system
  • Boosts immune system – exposing myself to environmental and physical stress decreases my immunity
  • Helps muscle recovery and regeneration – very important to runners


  • Detoxifies the body of contaminants – environmental, junk food and lactic acid contaminants


  • Reduces blood cholesterol and may lower blood pressure – this is very important to mature runners
  • May help relieve arthritic pain, asthma, ulcer and acid-reflux diseases – same with the above


  • Helps in stress relief – recovery is king
  • Increases stamina and energy – so very significant to athletes
  • Helps in weight control – less weight, more speed period
  • May improve mental clarity – I fear that I am having memory issues at my age
  • May contribute to better sleep – better sleep means better recovery


Cheers to good health!




Here I am starting to run, actually brisk walk, the afternoon of the day I drank my first jigger of Organique Acai Premium Blend.  I look supper haggard but a start is a start.