Soleus is spot on in choosing the perfect brand ambassadors for their most recent Sinature Series.  Not only are they tops in their sports but have characters that best represent the qualities of the watch model that bears their signatures.

Soleus has been a major player in the local running scene.  In fact, the name of the brand has become synonymous with affordable yet quality gps and sports watches.  To render international prestige to its already strong presence, Soleus engaged noted personalities in the world of middle and long distance running to represent and put their “mark” on the brand.

The three models in the Signature Series feature US track super stars Kara Goucher for Soleus GPS ONE, Nick Symmonds for Contender and Alysia Montano for Chicked.





Soleus GPS ONE is a global positioning equipped model that can give out speed, pace, distance and lap readings. Its is represented by Kara Goucher, a long distance runner and Olympian. At the back of all Soleus GPS ONE models can be seen her signature, a stamp of fierceness and tenacity to remind the wearer to tough it out against all odds.

I for one am an avid fan of Kara.  She is this brunette counterpart to Shallane Flanagan’s blond as they used to train and pace together during races.  Doning skimpy bikini top and bottom with occasional arm sleeve, she is a lithe yet fierce and tough competitor.  Her quest for a come back Olympics marathon slot after having been sidelines for sometime due to injury, ended in a let down finishing out just by the skin of her teeth in fourth place.  But given her competitive spirit, she sure will be back with a vengeance.

Description from the manufacturer:

Get one more kilometer in, set one more PR, take one more run with GPS ONE. One button push gets you started on your run. 8 Hours of GPS battery life and a low profile case design for comfort keep you focused on getting you the Kilometers. Track your distance, pace, speed, and recharge for your next run or marathon.

SRP 4950.

Available at L Timestudio Boutiques, SM, Robison’s and Landmark Depertment Stores.





Soleus CHICKED is a more feminine variant coming with slim yet sturdy straps mimicking the tough but very feminine track achiever in the person of Alysia Montano. Her signature running accessory aside from her Soleus watch is her colorful floral hairpiece that is as colorful as her personality.

Alysia is also one tough chick!  Who else can be tougher than somebody very much pregnant yet competing with her country’s best in the 2014 US National Championships?  I remembered seeing her on YouTube and my mouth literally dropped in disbelief.  She is one in a million!

This year during her Olympics trials, she tripped over the leg of a fellow competitor as she tried to regain her lead.  Unbroken, she rose to her feet and finished the race to the thunderous applause of all the spectators.   She did not make it to the USA Olympics team though but her feat had imprinted in the hearts and minds of women all over – the strength of a female willpower.  Her profile including her signature big flower is imprinted at the back of the watch as testament to this.

.SRP P2950.

Available at L Timestudio Boutiques, SM, Robison’s and Landmark Depertment Stores.





Nick Symmonds will lift the male gender as the face of Soleus CONTENDER. This is a running watch with all the bells and whistles less the gps capacity. Lap readings, intervals are more significant numbers for speed training and track workouts,  This watch is the model of choice of elite and veteran runners who do not need gadgets to tell them their pace. All those years of running had created an innate biological pacer in them more reliable than gps!

Nick is another controversial figure in the USA Track Team.  He finished fifth in the 2012 London Olympics in his specialty 800 m.  However, an ankle injury sustained during a final speed interval training sidelined him off the Rio Olympics trials.  As a more senior track personality, Nick is staunch and vocal in supporting the athletes rights to marketing opportunities.  This display of both leadership and competitive qualities on and off the track makes him an ideal CONTENDER image model.

Description from the manufacturer:

At Soleus, we know your training doesn’t end when you cross the finish line. There’s always another race to win, PR to set, or moment to make. That’s why we created the Contender – For those of us who are always in training.

SRP P3450.

Available at L Timestudio Boutiques, SM, Robison’s and Landmark Depertment Stores.