To celebrate Halloween in a bombastic fashion (well for Fabulous Running Divas there is no other way), we agreed that the best way to do so is to join Pink Run in its third year at Filinvest City. This, after all, is for the benefit of Project Pink and their advocacy of helping women suffering from breast cancer. This was the original plan as running 16K in costume is not an easy feat.
Then there is this other race, the Nightmare Run, happening over at SM by the Bay area in the evening. Though this is only a 3K fun run, we did not fully commit pending how our body will feel after the morning run. Another drawback is the fact that the organizer wanted us to come as Encantadas (elemental goddesses in the popular program of a major network). This requires some elaborate thematic dressing that not all of us have in our meager wardrobe. So we kind of put this hanging until the very last minute. Thankfully, Mark Guzman Liu of Afinitea Race is kind enough to accommodate.
I cannot think of anything else to wear for the Pink Run than my designer super ruffle-to-the-max tutu my good friend and popular Bacolod designer Kelly Cuachon, the matching arm ruffles as humongous as the ones in the tutu, and my Katy Perry wig. My tutu is a classic for me as I started wearing costume in a running event in these. It indeed pays to have talented yet generous friends!
The rest of the FRD Team Kavogue came in their own interpretation of anything fabulously pink.


Me in my super ruffled tutu and arm accents and dodger blue wig.



Lyana in all pink running wear with frilly waist wrap, rainbow knee-high socks and FRD sash.



Blue in his flowing pink skirt, princess crown and cute boy accessory (Kerwin, peace).



Marc P in his red glittering tutu, warrior prince (orprincess?)headdress and fab wide rainbow fan.



Emil in his fucshia flowing bombastic train, FRD ranibow fan, sash and “Talk to my flower” head piece!

It was very generous of the people behind RG Events, the race’s organizer, headed by Ivan Bernard, to accommodate the team in our aim to spread some good cheer and added color along the route. The one ensuring the proper implementation and the nitty gritty of organizing a race, Regina, was equally gracious and patient in my constant prodding for her to make concessions for added inclusions. Race director Ed Patena was likewise equally very accommodating.
Regina mentioned that if we can lead the warm-up. I said okey without much thought. At the back of my mind, I was already rewinding the Combat warm-up routine we are doing during Soleus Hip Hop Dance sessions that involves four steps and some minor variations. In addition, since Reg mentioned a Zumba dancer she will hire, we thought that we will just be back up dancers. I still posted the video in our chat group though for the rest of the team to check and practice. It turned out that like me, they too did not review and rehearse it. Our bad Regina!
Came the moment and I clarified with Reg if indeed we will do the warm-up and she said yes we are! Oh my, oh my! We barely have a few minutes to preview the moves on my phone and we are already needed on the stage! The only solution we can think of is to place the phone in front of us and we will follow the steps along with the rest of runners watching our every move! And what would you expect? Of course we blew it! Hu hu….But the runners were very engaging and kind enough to just let our clumsiness and mistakes slide off and just dance the warm-up away.
See how the runners enjoyed our messed up warm-up routine as covered live by the Running Photographers in their FB page below.

The race went a little bit weird with some runners getting confused of the looping course. However, we went on attacking our role of cheering the runners, stopping a couple of times for some groufies with other runners (it was super fun!), and, in my case, taking photos of them too being or, well like me, acting fierce running! Anyway, what better way to illustrate the fun we had along the route, during pre and post-race activities than through the photos.

Photo Credits:
Fab Running Ph
Running Photographers
Runner Rocky

The endorphins rushing our veins after the Pink Run made us foolishly excited in joining the Halloween run later in the day. Well, at least the mental stimulation at having made our commitments made our body do some necessary adjustments. Like going home right after the race, or precisely right after some nutrient refurbishment, and take some needed rest!
We were required to present ourselves as Encantadas but since not all can accommodate such request, we just tried our very best to look or at least be a character in the popular TV show.
Here is how we turned out to be.


Me in my see thru torquoise gown courtesy of Lyana and showgirl headdress sourced from Divi.



Lyana in her fully beaded shimmering salmon gown and mysterious yet fabulous mask.



Blue in his Sharon Cuneta couture Japanese warrior inspired churva ek ek.



Becky in his fiery red wig, black swan dress and cute ruffly wings (pogo inspired, hehe)that looked like Ada in Adarna according to Mark Sy.



All black ensemble it is for Emil with black flowing train accessorized with Swarovski necklace and fierce projection.



Marc Papa channelling Elso, the warrior prince from the Enchanted Land of the Lost Souls.

We arrived at the start/finish area a little bit late, actually, right when the gun went off to signal the start of the first wave. However, we still needed to get our race kits! With some calls to clarify with the organizer Mark Liu, the one in charge at the registration booth gave us our kits medal less. I think there is an onslaught of onsite registrants that the number of medals is in peril. And rightfully so since upon reaching the finish line almost at the back of the pack, there were just very few, I think 3 or 5, left!
There were some candy stations along the route. Naturally, coming in almost last meant nothing, nada for us. All the kids before us have looted them already! Haha….Of course we did not feel bad because they were for them anyway.
There is this mini hunted house at the rightmost end of the Seaside Blvd. at the back of Vikings Restaurant where creepy creatures of the dark will just suddenly pounce on you from the dark corners. Of course the divas made “tili” to the max not out of fright but out of concern for our costume! Haha…My headdress even got stuck in the cobwebs and the draped doors!
Throughout the stretch of this seaside road there were walking zombies channeling their best interpretation of The Walking Dead. Well, by the time we passed by them they were already tired of all the acting and the walking that they already seemed lethargic and nonchalance. We liked them that way! Haha…No touching please or our body glitters will stick on you! Where in the world of imagination can you see a shining, shimmering zombie?
To make the story short, we made our 3K Nightmare Run sashaying all throughout with lots of groufies and chitchats in between. Take note, Lyana did all the walking and slight jogging in her 4 inches boots! And the warrior costume of Marc keeps on getting unsnapped in its Velcro strap at the back. The hosts even acknowledged us in the stage with matching Encantadia soundtrack playing as we alight the stage! Talk about major exposure! Unfortunately, during the Halloween costume contest, none of us won. But that’s nothing to be sad of because we did not go there to win anything but to have the best Halloween fun of our lives and to make other revelers happy as well!


Once again, the best illustration of what transpired is the pictures themselves. So browse along!

Photo Credit:
Fab Running Ph
Afinitea Race
Saul and Marine
Mitch Manila


Until our next excena races!  See you!


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