Our innate penchant for artistic expression, like me through words and costume running, leads us to various avenues with which to vent this yearning. Traditionally, there are conventional art forms like dancing, singing, painting, acting, etc. that have established themselves classically in our cultural history. Then there is this “unconventional” expression of art that involves permanent body painting – tattooing. Unlike classical forms that have produced masterpieces revered by aficionados and fetching hefty sums in material valuation, tattooing gained nothing but notoriety.
The art of body painting or tattooing in our country is part of our native history defining our cultural heritage long before the Europeans and the Americans settled in our country and redefined it through so-called “religious colonialization”. Just recently I happened to watch something in National Geographic on Ladyboys where photos of cross-dressing American Indians were shown as proof that this so-called “pervertion” has been accepted and practiced long before European conquerors stepped in and introduced their bigotry. Well, that is out of topic but I just have to mention it.
Back to tattooing in our country, the Spaniards upon reaching the shores of Cebu called the natives “Pintados” in obvious reference to their fully tattooed bodies. The northern Luzon tribes people of the mountainous Cordillera region practice this art as status symbol with the warrior earning a tattoo for every head hunted. They believe tattoos give them spiritual and physical strength. In fact, the very last Kalinga tattoo artist of that historical realm is still alive up to this day aging almost a hundred! Bet you have heard about Maria Whang-od, now already an icon whose tattoo service is being sought after the world over.
If men with tattoos are branded as “galling sa loob” (coming from the penitentiary where tattooing gang logos to determine their affiliation is being practiced) or ex-convicts who are good for nothing but illegal things, what more for women with tats? This religious abhorrence towards “defacing” of the body translates to them being branded as “pakawala” or women of bad reputation. Me tattoo lang malandi na kaagad? Ganon? But of course our history speaks otherwise. Filipino women had been decorated with tattoos for aesthetic and fertility purposes.

The following are photos of native tattooed Filipinos from this website


Streetwise Events Management in partnership with the Manila Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the Rotary Club of Ermita will bring Manila to the forefront of the tattoo culture in the country being the body painting art center of the country through Burdado Run 2016. This is a fun color run for the whole family where interaction with tattooed individuals, some of whom are major movers and professionals of the country, will hopefully put an end or will diminish this misconception of people with tattoo.
During the launch of Burdado Run recently at Vin55 Bar and Resto located at South Drive Area 2, Rizal Park, Keneth Montegrande explained the details of the race including the beneficiary that is Boys Town. Manila tourism head and herself a beauty queen, Flordeliza Villasenor explained the role of her office in bringing the city to the forefront of Philippine tattoo industry as well as in its advocacy to curtail prejudice against tattooed individuals.
Here are some photos taken during the event where the Fabulous Running Divas Lyana, Marc, Ysa, and Juvy are present.

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No less than premier aesthetic tattoo artist specializing in natural eyebrow and alopecia coverage works Edwin Pranada was on hand to share his experience on being a professional tattoo artist. By the way, during the event the organizer promised free seminars and booths where professional tattoo work can be obtained from our country’s celebrity tattoo artists like Ricky Sta. Ana, Myke Sambajon, Norman Labao and Jake Cuerpo.


Here is a video of Edwin in action doing aesthetic tattoo work:

But wait, there’s more! Rock and alternative music will be played throughout the event by bands like Intersections, April Morning Skies, Stilllife and Planes. Famous DJs Ron Poe, Joker and more will likewise dish out cool sounds to spice up the event.
So end with the rumbling. Here are the pertinent details of the race so you can head out of your slumber and join in the fierce fun only tattooed person can offer!



Burdado Run 2016
November 13, 2016
Rajah Sulayman Park, Roxas Blvd.
3K – P500   (Gun start 5:05 am)
5K – P600   (Gun start 5:00 am)
10K – P750  (Gun start 4:55 am)
Come an hour before gun start.
3K, 5K and 10K – Race bib, singlet, 1 sachet colored holi powder, color run eyeglasses, limited edition burdado sticker tattoo, finisher medal, lootbag from sponsors including Ed Hardy and raffle stub
10K – Finisher shirt
On-line –
Burdado Run Secretariat Office
Rm 200A Puso Ng Maynila Bldg., A. Mabini St. Cor UN Ave., Manila
Mon. – Sat. From 9am – 6pm
Ouch! Tattoo Studio
4th Level, Robinson’s Place, Ermita, Manila
Fri. – Sun. From 3pm – 8pm
P&P Tattoo Makati Branch
No. 45 Polaris St., Makati
Mon. – Sun. From 2pm – 9pm
P&P Tattoo Eastwood Branch
Unit G6B, 2F City Walk 2, Eastwood
Mon. – Sun. From 2pm – 9pm
Paulina’s Cycle Center
Bluebay Walk, Macapagal Ave., Pasay City
Mon. – Sun. From 11am – 9pm

Singlet Design

Finisher Medal Design

Route Map


Activity Area


For more information, visit the official event Facebook fan page at or email them at