As runners and cyclist, almost all of us are familiar with mobile apps such as Runkeeper, Strava and others that offer gps speed and pace read outs, distance covered, calories burned, route mapping, special training programs, community social app sharing, and even competing with each other.  We had used them at certain parts of our active lifestyle history or are still using them to motivate us or keep track of our training history.  There is even one app – the Zombie, Run!  – that encourages us to produce the required speed lest we be captured by zombies!

ActiveHealth is taking this on-line mobile app affinity of most runners and multisport enthusiasts into a much higher notch by integrating all of these tracking aspects and adding specific training programs that are customized to the ActiveHealth races that we are joining, race prep and coaching, sports nutrition, proper sports gear and even sleep advice!  This digital platform is the ActiveHealth Community (AHC) portal.

Okey so we have sports activity tracking, training programs and add in sleep and gear advice, but what really sets this app apart from the ones that we are already using?

For me it is the extensiveness of the app in the involvement in our training.  Take for example the training programs available, not only are they provided by prominent local coaches who are experts in their individual fields, expert advice will likewise be made available from them to us using this app.  Moreover, meticulously chosen mentors will be holding complementary training camps and classes where they will  personally see to it that training plans are properly executed including proper form and technique.  These mentor sessions will be held across different training areas in Metro Manila to reach more athletes.  This is like having community training sessions that will encourage friendly competition and camaraderie among users – talk about taking the social aspect of the app into the real world!

How about this – there will be special rewards for accomplishments!  AHC members can earn rewards/points by completing tasks and activities within the community such as signing up  and completing races, attending classes, and achieving targets!

Alex Panlilio, Unilab Consumer ealth Operating Vice President, perfectly summarizes the main objective of AHC, “The idea behind AHC is to strengthen the ties that bind the community, which is pursuing excellence by encouraging them to strive in reaching their potential.  AHC is yet another medium to deliver the mission of ActiveHealth to empower the progressive athletes.”



By the way, here is the roster of the best coaches and sports specialists whose services will be made available for us mere weekend warriors!

1. Titus Salazar – veteran coach and marathoner
2. Ben Alacar – veteran running coach
3. Dan Brown – former triathlon team coach
4. Ani de Leon-Brown – first certified female multisport coach in the Philippines
5. Andy Leuterio – multi-awarded triathlete coach
6. Ian Alacar – triathlon coach
7. Kaye Lopez – elite triathlon coach
8. Nonoy Basa – triathlon coach
9. Riel Espino – sports science expert
10.Saul Sibayan – sports science expert
11.Kris Agarao – sports science expert
12.Francis Diano – sleep and recovery expert
13.Harvie Baron – sports nutrition expert


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How this AHC portal works?

AHC is accessible via the ActiveHealth website, or by downloading the app on Google Play store and Apple store.  AHC is open to all participants of ActiveHealth races like Run United, Tri United among others, since 2010 up to the present.  Once an athlete registers for an event, they automatically get a link to the AHC portal.  The AHC portal is linked to the online registration of AH races.  Membership is free and has no expiration.

ActiveHealth is offering a premium subscription to AHC members who want to avail of additional benefits such as priority registration to all events (i.e. registration will be open to pre,ium subscribers two weeks before it is open to the public), access to coach classes, request online coach analysis (extra fees apply) and other features once they become available.  The premium subscription will be offered at an introductory price of P365 per year (or a peso a day, not bad!).

 Sir Rene Villarta and Richard Reyes are updating their data base information while Marinelle De Leon is seen checking her AHC portal information.


Here is how my AHC portal looks.

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Since I have not yet engaged any training program nor registered to a future Run United or Tri United race, I have a relatively blank portal. I will just write my experience with the app once I have made several training sessions using the app.