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The “Ten Commandments” on How to be a Fabulous Running Diva

So you think you are a Fabulous Running Diva? Well, think again! It takes more than the outrageous, colorful running attires that you wear during events. It means more than able to strike the fiercest of poses in front of photographers. It requires more than being associated with the group and donning the team uniform. For starters, here are “Ten Rules to Live By” to become a bona fide running diva.

1. Primarily, running divas must love running, not the other way around. If they use running in order to have an avenue for their whims as divas, then they are bent for failure. Eventually the novelty of running will wear off and bring their flamboyance down with it. They will not endure. They are not real running divas. They are simply divas pretending to be runners.

2. Train to run and not train to run in costume. Running in costume is just a natural expression of our personality while engaging in the sport that we love. The joy of running makes us don our personality with us and proudly show it to the world through colorful, shining shimmering, and fabulous outfits. But the love for the sport should come first that’s why we train hard for it in order to achieve our personal best or to best support others. We finish what we started and will never ever take a short cut. If ever due to unavoidable circumstances we are forced to give up, we do so with dignity and rightfully declare DNF. We strive to be better runners, not better cos-players.

3. More than a team, we are a family. We run as individuals but recognize ourselves as team players. We love the spotlight but we do not crave for it. We do not aspire for it. The spotlight comes to us not the other way around. We are a natural in what we do that is why the others resonate to us and appreciate us. We do not use the team to further personal fame or interests. We are brothers and sisters in our love for the sport and cos-play. We are one big happy family where everyone is equal – everyone is a star!

4. We take pride in what we do despite the presence of KJs and bigots who flourish not only in the community of runners but also in the world in general. We may get heckles, banters, and whathaveyou expressions of disgust as we run along the route in outrageous outfits but our shield of invincibility is beyond their penetration. We are beyond the clutches of negativity. We are the embodiment of all things fun and fabulous. So heads up and blaze the road literally and figuratively with flying colors. Let them eat our shining shimmering rainbow colored dust.

5. We are fabulous runners with a heart and that makes us more beautiful inside and out. We take into consideration other runners before ourselves. We do not let our thick false lashes blind our eyes to the needs of other members and other runners. We are sensitive and receptive to others even though we may appear aloof because of our natural tendency to be unique. If we see someone struggling in the road, we try to reach out and help them costume, make up, wigs and all.

6. We give back to the running community and to the sport that gives us all the happiness and positive energy that we exude. We help out in whatever way we can most specially in races for a cause – the “real” race for a cause not those giving just a meager nickel in the name of being branded a “run for a cause” and reap all the benefits that come with the tag.

7. We do not let our colorful and outrageous outfits carry us. We shine much brighter, much fancier through them. We do not make them our shield with which to hide our identities. Instead, we make them reflect our identities.

8. We go to running events to spread joy and positive energy and nothing else. We endure the hot costumes, abrasive surfaces of our accessories, ticklish wigs, melting makeup, and all just to bring color and good vibes to an otherwise monotonous event. We are not there to “harvest” the resources of the event. We are not “lootbag” junkies and freebie hunters. We give; we do not receive. That makes us “classy” not “trashy”. Anything extra that we receive are given to us wholeheartedly and not through deceit or force.

9. If we are given specific tasks during events/races, we do them dutifully and with total comprehension of what the tasks require of us. If we are given the task as pacers, we try to act as pacers and not as fun runners. We train beforehand in order to execute the pace and lead the runners to the finish line with almost perfect approximation of the finishing time. If we are given the task of leading the warm-up, we try to find time to practice in order to deliver a “pasabog” performance. We may appear frivolous but we strive for excellence in all things that we do.

10. We memorize by heart and live by example the motto of a Fabulous Running Diva:

“The road is my runway. The trail is my ramp. The finish line is my stage.”


Now you better weeerk!!!



Photo Credit: Running Photographers