It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  One should not skip it at all cost as it determines how your day will go.  During the night as we sleep for 6 to 8 hours, our body undergoes an equivalent fasting duration as it tries to repair itself from the day’s toll.  Upon waking up, it correspondingly needs all the nutrients it can get to replenish and fuel the body for another day of grind.


The hustle and bustle of life preparing not only ourselves but the family for the day at school and work seems to preoccupy most of the time that we have before getting ready for work that we, forcefully, skip breakfast in order not to be late.  To compensate for this extended fasting, we gobble up anything within our line of sight even though they are mostly fastfood stuffs with all the wrong and unhealthy ingredients in them.  During lunch time, we feast on anything and everything just to satiate our craving and our hunger after skipping breakfast.  The same scenario is repeated everyday that this becomes a habit – a bad and unhealthy habit.


Alaska Milk Corporation launched last month, while the rest are busy binging during numerous Christmas Parties and New Year revelries, its Gatas for Breakfast Office Campaign.  This aims to put back into our busy lifestyle the importance of a healthy and nutritious breakfast despite the constraints of our hectic schedule at home and at work.



On-air contests conducted over at partner FM stations Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1 and Mellow 94.5, determined the offices that will benefit from this campaign.  SYSGEN, an IT solution company located at Legaspi Suites, Salcedo St., Makati City, was the lucky locale during the day that I happened to cover.  Its office workers were treated to a breakfast of nutritious, milk-infused meals by the Alaska Gatas for Breakfast team.  These included delicious biko served with Alaska Condensed milk, Alaska Evaporated Milk laden cocoa champorado, milk-infused sopas, condense milk-filled hot pandesal and, of course, ice-cold Alaska Powdered drink!


During the occasion, the worker who placed the winning entry gets a special package of Alaska Milk Corporation products.  The co-workers likewise get to have some take-home goodies themselves.


This Alaska Gatas for Breakfast Campaign demonstrates how a simple breakfast meal can be transformed into a more nutritious  meal with the addition of  20+ essential nutrients infused Alaska Evaprated Filled Milk and Alaska Condensed Milk.  These nutritious addends will surely fuel the body throughout the rest of the hectic day at work and curb the cravings for unhealthy food substitutes.


If you want your office to be the next Alaska Gatas for Breakfast recipient, simply tune in to Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1 and Mellow 94.5 and participate in their respective campaign contests. Who knows, you and your co-workers will get to take home several Alaska Milk products aside from the hearty and healthy breakfast blow-out!