The Origin

Our gracious host and part owner of the chain of Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurants (currently there are three: Ongpin, Banawe and Chino Roces Avenue), Mr. George To, recounted how his and business partners’ love for eating propelled everything. Noticing that the quality of food around the Ongin district where they grew up was going down, they set out to put a stop to this decline. The result was the creation of their pioneer chain at Ongpin. In order to maintain the authenticity and quality of the Chinese cuisine that their restaurant serves, they hired a chef who is a native of Hong Kong. By the way, the inspiration of their restaurant came from a popular Hong Kong restaurant whose name roughly translates in English to Lucky Rainbow, thus the name.

The Chino Roces Avenue Corner Don Bosco Road Branch

Together with a group of food and lifestyle bloggers, I was lucky enough to be invited by the owners to savor what this branch of Lucky Rainbow resto has to offer. The location itself is quite accessible and smack right in the heart of the bustling Makati district. I was just a tiny bit off tangent when I was commuting to this food sanctuary. All the while I thought, Don Bosco Road is Arnaiz Ave (it is the one next to it, duh). Thus, I was a block off the address. However, some promenading towards it proved beneficial as it put my gastronomic system into active receiving mode. Here is the map of the restaurant and see that Don Bosco Road is the one next to Arnaiz Avenue.

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The Ambiance

Upon setting foot right inside this authentic Hong Kong-style seafood restaurant, it becomes apparent that its design purpose is to accommodate business and family gatherings given its numerous spacious and cozy function rooms. All stones were turned to ensure that the interiors and the furniture are set up to exude elegance and fine dining yet comfortable and homey at the same time. These are sensibly equipped with led TV and various presentation and entertainment devices capabilities perfect for conferencing and family karaoke enjoyment.

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The Food

True to its very purpose of existence, Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant offers a wide variety of sumptuous and delectable choices from the Chinese Seafood Cuisine served in generous platter. Pork, poultry, and bovine meats are likewise mainstays of its luscious menu. Sitting in a big round table with Mr. George To and the rest of the bloggers, all of us are expectant of a banquet of all things gastronomically pleasing that this restaurant has to offer. Our expectations though were short of the banquet that will challenge of eating capacity to bloating proportions. It is evident from the onset that all diet plans for the day will take a backseat at least momentarily.

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Here is the drool-worthy array of food, or at least the majority of them, served to us. Be ready for the revving of your gastric juices at the sight of them. Do not say I did not warn you!

Fried Garlic Chicken Wings

Very crunchy of the outside but juicy and oh so flavorful on the inside, I could go on all night feasting on these. And they are only a feast kick-off meal!

Salted Pork Belly

The taste is very rich and flavorful. If you are a fan of pork meat cooked asado style with a blend of Chinese-style seasoning oozing with each bite of the tender belly, then this one is for you.

Fried Lapu-lapu in Mango Sauce

And what is a seafood restaurant without fish dish in its menu! This one is a marvel of a food fare in one tasty fish variety cooked to perfection. The sauce provides a masterful fusion creating one very delicious fare worth every bite.

Salt and Pepper Spare Ribs

Finger-licking goodness in classic salt and peppery greatness of divine crispiness and sinful indulgence.

Pecking Duck

Yes, a Chinese Restaurant food tripping cannot end without a Chinese signature dish – a Pecking Duck! The mesmerizing and glistening oven burnt crispy skin and tender juicy meat of this cuisine masterpiece summons us to grab a bite, but not yet! It is just for photo op! Its next appearance will be in bite sizes inside a molo wrapper and in minced sautéed version combined with carrots and turnip eaten wrapped in crispy lettuce leaves. This time, thank heavens, it is already available for our gastronomic consumption. Both versions are great tasting in themselves depending on your preference.

Bite-size in Molo wrapper.

Minced with lettuce wrapping.


Salted Egg Fried Shrimp

Their version of this hard to perfect menu is, well, perfect! I heard one blogger mention that usually other versions have overpowering salty taste that you cannot anymore savor the shrimp. This one has enough salted egg coating in combination with plump and juicy shrimp for a divine combo.

Squid Celery

Another delectable combo of juicy squid and fresh and crispy celery in one gastronomic fare worth your discerning taste buds.

Abalone Fried Rice

This dish came out as an innovation when the restaurant cannot deplete its stocked abalone before it expires in the Ongpin branch. In that area, the restaurant goers are composed mostly of the C and D crowd. Abalone, of course, is an exotic cuisine that commands a price. What they did is combine it with rice so that it becomes more palatable to the pocket. It was a rave success! It proved to be a great alternative to the usual Yangzhou rice. After all, abalone rice is very tasty in its unique savory way. This is the first time I tasted this and I immediately fell in love!
Lucky Rainbow Seafood Restaurant offers diverse packages for groups of 10 and greater. Above it is an entire floor dedicated to special occasions like debut, wedding reception, dance party, and whathaveyous that require space as well as catering.
You may contact the resto through these digits: 478-1385 / 751-8183
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