Lydia de Vega in my Life

During the ‘80s when I was a budding teenager, I thought of myself as many things. The more pronounced association of myself from among these personas which included Star 2 of Star Rangers, a Shaolin Master and Ninja of Fire were: Supermodel Melanie Marquez and Asia’s Sprint Queen Lydia de Vega. In fact, I remember quite clearly how me and my classmate would outdo each other after classes in a sprint duel to lay claim to the title of being “Lydia de Vega of the Day”!
That was how athletics etched itself in the consciousness of every Filipino during those days. Fast-forward 2015 and though there was not a singular athletics figure that shone as brightly as Lydia de Vega did during the 80’s and early 90’s, but the collective effort of each individual athlete carried on the flames for Philippine athletics in the international arena like the South East Asian Games (SEAG).

28th SEA Games Athletics Contingent Send-off Party

And talking about South East Asian Games, this biennial sporting event in the region is going to unfurl in June 5 in Singapore. Together with the rest of the Philippines contingent are the 36 hopefuls appointed by Philippines Athletics Track and Field Association (PATAFA) to compete starting 2 days from the opening day in various disciplines of athletics. They were expected to contribute 8 golds in our country’s total medal haul, but an ambitious prediction of 12 is not impossible either.
Last May 28 at the Garden Ballroom of Marriot Hotel, Veloci Time and L Timestudio hosted a send-off party for our 36 strong athletics contingent to the 28th South East Asian Games. Here I happen to meet face-to-face “golden” athletes like Arniel Ferrera, who is a monster in Hammer throwing having dominated the event since 2003; Maristella Torres, whom, after Lydia and Elma Muros, is the next most prominent female athlete having won gold medals in four consecutive SEA Games; Rene Herera who lords over the steeple chase discipline; and, of course, the idol of most local long distance fun runners, Eduardo “Vertek” Buenavista, the country’s reigning marathon king. I had in fact taken a picture together with some of them.
Among the younger set is the highly touted “Greatest Athlete” of the 2013 SEA Games in Myanmar having won gold in the decathlon – Jesson Ramil CID. He is not only the conqueror of this sport category consisting of 10 disciplines, but he is also a heartthrob material in his towering height, good looks and Machete body. Naturally, I moved heavens, just chairs actually, in order for me to take my picture with him. I will be rooting for this FEU stand-out who hailed from Suyo, Dingras, Ilocos Norte come the start of the biennial sports meet.

With world-class marathoner Eduardo Buenavista.


Another enduring athlete, long-jump queen Maristela Torres.


A heartthrob of an athlete – Jesson Ramil Cid, decathlon.


Athletic events to watch out for:
Hammer Throw
400m Sprint Run and Relay
800m Run
400m Hurdles
3000m Steeple Chase
Long Jump
Pole Vault

Now you know where our golden 4×400 relay get their speed and strength!


The Golden Boys! The 4×400 Relay Team consisting of
Archand Christian Bagsit, Ryan Bigyan, Joan Caido and Edgardo Alejan.


The Magnanimous Role of Veloci Time and L Timestudio in Helping Our Athletes

It is encouraging for our barely-coping athletes that major companies and enterprising brands like Veloci Time and L Timestudio make it their mandate to support our country’s pride. I had always this impression of track and field athletes, most of whom came from the rural communities in the Visayas and Mindanao and whose “training” came while helping parents in the plantations, running to school and back for the sheer lack of transportation, or lifting crates to help in paying for their schooling expenses. It is not even uncommon to see runners without shoes as they simply were not used to wearing them. How much more watch! This may already seem a luxury to most of them. That’s why I was so glad at this benevolent act of Veloci Time.
The dynamic athleticism and competitive edge of our SEA Games contingent as well as their savvy sense of rugged yet trendy style reflect the kind of watch that Veloci Time is. Taking Italian design inspiration into crafting each Veloci watch, the brand aims to create high quality yet affordable watch. They are trendy in design and are customizable to fit every wearer’s character, be they adventurous, spontaneous, daring or competitive like our athletes. Veloci wants to be known as a watch brand that is always evolving and changing to fit current trends and styles of our young, fit and dynamic generation.

Click images to go to Veloci Time and L Timestudio Facebook pages.





PATAFA will not be where it is today if not for the concerted efforts of dedicated leaders who poured their heart and soul out into making champions out of every aspiring Filipino athletes. We heard of Michael Keon and his Gintong Alay program which created the likes of Lydia de Vega, Elma Muros, Isidro del Prado and Hector Begeo, and Go Teng Kok with his GTK Army among others who sacrificed their time and effort for the athletes.
Recently, the best thing happened to PATAFA with the official election of Dr. Philip Ella Juico as president of the country’s athletics association. During the send-off party, a touching message was relayed by Dr. Juico to the athletes stressing pride, dignity and integrity while representing the country in the process of competition over golds and silvers.

Dir. Phillip Ella Juico giving an inspirational speech for the athletes.


Schedule of SEAG Sporting Events


Click to go to SEAG website.
Click to go to SEAG website.


Pictures of the Send-off Party


With no less than Madam Judith Staples of L Timestudio,
Running Diva Roselle and the Running Photographers!


Fellow running bloggers covering the event
and me kneeling just to capture some photos.

Our country’s athletics contingent to 28th SEA Games. Goodluck to all of you!!!

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