What’s in the Game?

The world our children will grow up in is becoming more and more competitive by the minute. The best weapon we can equip them to succeed later in life is early development both in body and in mind. With the spirit of a champion, nothing can deter them to reach for their goals.
Start them young and they will excel at it. The same mantra holds true in honing our future national athletes. It is in this belief that Alaska Philippines put up grassroots development program for young cagers nationwide with main goal of promoting CHAMPIONS through proper NUTRITION and advance training techniques(ACTION). The culmination of this program is the picking of 10 boys and 6 girls to comprise the roster of local Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA All-Star teams. This will happen on Sunday at SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.
It all started mid-January with coaches training camp held at British School, BGC. Then followed by three months of regional school clinics and selection camps in five cities. These in turn culminated recently with the selection of 50 boys and 24 girls to undergo the 3-day National Training Camp featuring NBA legends this April 25-27, 2015. The final selection comprising our local Jr. NBA and WNBA All-Star will be announced after the last day of the camp on Sunday, April 27.

Click on this link for further details on how to join the program.

The elimination for Metro Manila area played out just recently at the PICC Forum Tent. The schedule of activities included some drills in the morning and scrimmage in the afternoon. Covering the event, I get to immerse myself in the spirit of sportsmanship, intense competition, and family inter-action dynamics that characterize this whole program.
I am a very ardent supporter of sports, dance, musical, and all sorts of talent development programs or enrichment for the youth. I may have no children but if ever I have one, I will make sure that I will do all I can in order to further whatever skill or interest he or she manifests at an early age. Afterall, these special talents will remain untapped if not for the earnest support and sacrifices of the parents.
Here are some of the pictures I took of the said Manila Regional Selection Camp held recently. Junior cagers from as far as the Visayas region still flew in with their parents just to further their chances of being picked as one of the possible contenders for the final selection.
By the way, the parents are in the thick of the action as their wards too. The competition is fierce, no doubt about that, and a lot of heartbroken young athlete will go home empty handed. But that is part of the training they will get not only from the sport but from facing the harsh realities of competition like losing itself. Coming out of it stronger and emotionally equipped to face the much harder game called life are the greater benefits of this endeavor. And that training coupled with determination will be the determining factor for future success be it in the field of sports or goals in life. But for now, they can always call on their parents for support and TLC after some few setbacks.


Morning Drills


The morning of the Manila RSC saw the participants perform a number of set drills geared to improve their strength, agility, flexibility and speed. All of these are under the supervision of top caliber coaches from the national training pool and basketball leagues. Alaska Milk Power Camp Director is no less than Jeffrey Cariaso, a Philippine basketball legend.


The Girls are Not to be Outdone!


Basketball is never a boys’ sport. It is a physical sport, yes no doubt about that, but who says girls are not ready for some physical action? In fact, they are no less competitive and determined to rough it out!


Interacting with and Listening to the Coaches


An entourage of competent coaches is always present in every step of the way to demonstrate, explain and assist in the delivery of drills, game plans and injury prevention. Not only that, they too give pointers on how to act responsibly and sportsmanlike in and out of the court.


Nutrition Break with Alaska Milk


What else is there to take to replinish lost nutrients and electrolytes after a hard training than Alaska Milk? It offers the complete nutritional supplement best for a stronger and healthier body that is ready to battle it out in the hard court.


Afternoon Scrimmage


The early part of the afternoon session where reserved for age group scrimmage where each hopeful showcased his or her skills in the court in a game setting. Here all that they were thought throughout this camp were applied in a spontaneous basketball action simulation. The final list of selected players was made after this part of the training.


The Chosen Few


Out of the hundreds of hopefuls, an elite selection of 11 boys and 6 girls emerged to represent the Manila region in the final casting. The rest will have next year to train harder and try their luck once more. The great thing here is that time is on their side. The benefits of starting them young is just too broad and all encompassing to ignore for the parents.


The group of boys eagerly and nervously awaiting the results.


The girls are equally excited to hear out the selected ones.


The array of prizes awaits.


The 6 Manila Regional Selection Girls
Michaela Pentecostes (Makati)
Kyla Flores (Paranaque)
Akemi Marteja (Paranaque)
Christine Jazz Unqui
Nelia Jean David (Manila)
Stephanie Villapando (Laguna


The 11 Manila Regional Selection Boys
Stacey Tibayan (Manila)
Ernest John Felicilda (CDO)
Russelle Andrew C. Dominguez (Rizal)
Jac Inigo Macasaet (Baguio)
Kai Zachary Sotto (Manila)
Edrian Custodio (Paranaque)
Previn Competente (Manila)
Ren Gabriel D. Reyes (Batangas)
Jesse Adrian F. Intega (Manila)
Christian Allen G. Vergara (Las Pinas)
Vehnjo Maximo (Manila)


Your complete Manila Regional Selection cast ready for the final national selection battle.


With One of Our Coutry’s Future Basketball Stars