I am trying and still kept on trying to achieve what I use to achieve in terms of finishing times. For the half marathon, they were usually in the sub 2:10 point. But that’s for the history books. It’s a realistic sub 2:15 that I am trying to achieve considering all factors.
In preparation for an April marathon (most probably Nat Geo Earth Day Run), I arrived at Financial Fitness Run almost at gun start time and with baggage stuffs still with me. A good 10 minutes or so after the rest of 21K runners went off did I started from the 34th street starting area. This is not the race for personal records, no doubt about that, so no time pressure for me.
On its second year, Fin Fit Run’s theme for this year was “Future of Finance Starts with You.” Aptly so, it encourages registrants to be astute, but ethical investors in order to secure a brighter future for oneself and family, and a comfortable retirement life. Last year I was overseeing the medal giving group of marshals with Rose Marie. This year I came with a different purpose.
I came to shine, well, literally that is! Wanting to amuse myself, despite the eminent lackluster performance given my lack of training preparation, I put on my shining, shimmering, fully beaded front shirt on top of my tech shirt. Call it boredom, call it “kulang sa pansin” (wanting to call attention to oneself), call it what-have-you, I simply call it fun!
Financial Fitness Run is your family-oriented fun run that can be enjoyed in all sorts of ways – as a “mamaw” (Filipino runners’ term for a fast runner) or simply as a fun runner. Runners here are more like family having a good time together, enjoying the sport of running together, or even competing with each other. You can come in whatever mood and expression of oneself you feel like showing to the world. I even saw several ran in their corporate clothes complete with attaché case! I remembered last year a special award goes to the one who can manage to run 21K in coat and tie the fastest! The vibe was just light and fun.
On my part, I came as a shining, shimmering, splendid me! And with a fierce attitude to boot.


Running and having fun while doing so sometimes do not go hand in hand.  Sometime it is worthwhile to remind others that running should be fun and relaxing through outlandish running attire.  A number of times I see runners bemused as shown by the half-smiles that they thrown at me.  Others were simply glad I provided a comic relief to their tightening muscles.  For whatever its worth, I am glad to be all shining, shimmering and splendid while running.



Posing along the route taking advantage of Running Photographers who are also good friends.  After the race, another posing this time together with team mates at Fabulous Running Divas and running friends.



The Running Photographers Jack Morales and Reggie Cruz
AV Photography
Redg Candido
Ivan Patrick Camposano