The glamorous doctor and me!



I haven’t for the life of me ever gotten a facial! Not that I do not see the need of (not flawless by any standard!), it’s just that I am not really that kind to pamper myself in this manner. Then by some heavenly intervention I was introduced to Skin Philosophie that believes in the mantra – “Crafting beauty is an art, be our masterpiece!” I got this notion of letting them do exactly that for me, transform me into a beauty masterpiece. Well, who am I to refuse such blessing?


I am not an outdoorsy type of person, but the sports activities of running, swimming and biking that I engage in a regular basis wreck havoc on my skin. Add to this the fact that I love to worship the sun. Fair complexion is not an attraction for me. I love to see myself tanned like Latinas. The sun damage to my face brought by all these are slowly manifesting in the ever growing number of lines that a post 40 person has a tendency to have. Another factor that predisposes me to breakouts is the fact that I have a sensitive and thinner-than-regular skin condition.


True to form, I went to the clinic of Dr. Kyla Talens at 3rd Floor, Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City, after several hours running under the almost noon sun. But the glowing and fresh aura of Dr. Kyla, herself an ideal role model of good body and skin care, made me relaxed and confident of her promise – the masterpiece creation out of scrap.


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Dr. Kyla brought me to her cozy consultation room and immediately assessed my skin condition. She asked me if I had been using some skin products like astringents and the like and if I am allergic to some topical substances. She likewise asked me if I have sensitive skin and/or oily skin. This information will serve as a basis for what cleansing substances to use and the degree of exfoliation she is going to perform much later. Visually, she inspected my skin for blemishes that need extra attention during the scrubbing process. She then briefed me on the kind of facial she is going to perform of which there are three:


1. Skin Philosophie Luxury Facial (60 mins) – Composed of cleansing, sensual aromatherapy with lymphatic massage, galvanic toning, scrubbing, diamond Microdermabrasion, high frequency closing of pores, soothing mask with toning, lips balm application and ionto or Sono infusion.

Amount: From P1,650 and higher


2. Skin Philosophie Signature Facial (60 mins.) – Composed of cleansing, sensual aromatherapy with lymphatic massage, galvanic toning, scrubbing, diamond Microdermabrasion, high frequency closing of pores and toning.

Amount: From P1,500 and higher


3. Skin Philosophie Basic Facial (30 mins) – Composed of cleansing, relaxing lymphatic massage, galvanic toning and scrubbing.

Amount: From P650 and up


Into-Infusion and Sono-Infusion – Can be added to basic facial. These are vitamin C, vitamin E or hyaluronic acid that is micro-infused to facilitate intensive delivery of nourishing products deep into the skin.

Amount: Starts at P700


For more information on Skin Philosophie Facial Services – http://skinphilosophie.com/dt_services/facials/





Tin-tin was my facialist, a friendly and light-handed person. She prepared the room while I took selfie. Then she proceeded with cleaning my face after she had me properly laid down and my hair off my face with a band. Since my skin is dry and sensitive, she used Cetaphil hypoallergenic facial cleanser instead of something with salicylic acid. During the cleansing process and while the cleanser is in my face, she massaged my face in a soothing fashion. This was meant to relax the client. However, I used this opportunity to interview Tin-tin about her job. In this manner, not only I was relaxed but I also put her at ease.






There is this two handheld gadgets with rollers on both ends. These are galvanic instruments. After taking the residue of the cleansing cream, Tin-tin then rolled these metallic rollers over my face. I can feel some static electricity at certain points. I can feel my skin responding to the electricity by tightening. It felt cold to the skin too.







Another piece of facial instrument was used in this process. This time, some sort of vibrating scrubber was used to remove superficial black heads and white head including some dead skin cells. In case of deep seated blemishes, a more extensive operation is required before one proceeds to the next step. Tin-tin was trying to concentrate on the areas prone to comedone build-up like nose, around the lips, chip and forehead. She was doing this scrubbing movements with this vibrating wand on my face.







The doctor’s expertise was needed in this next procedure. Dr. Kyla Talens herself was present to do the job. In this procedure, some sort of vacuum tube with fine crystals as head was used to scrub away the top layer of my skin. Since I told the good doctor that my skin was sensitive to invasive chemicals and procedures, she made sure not to overdo the peeling. I noticed that as the micro crystals were “scrubbing” the dead skin cells, the vacuum instantly removes them from the skin. After the procedure, Dr. Kyla showed me the filter full of impurities and collected dead skin cells. It was gross! I never thought my face could collect as much!







After all the polishing, scrubbing, ironing, that was done to my face, a final step to restore my skin’s natural pH was applied using a toner. This will keep my skin not only clean, but fresh as well. After the procedure, my skin felt supple, tight and glowing. I felt very relaxed and refreshed!



Facial cleansing is a necessary beauty ritual that is required to be done religiously at least once a month in order to maintain the health of your skin. Dead skin cells, dirt, pollution and oil build up each day. Ordinary cleansing with soap and water, not even the toners we buy in the drug stores, suffice to remove them. As a result, black heads and white heads build up underneath and when infected, some major blemishes, even acne, result. Oxygen needs likewise to reach the deepest cells in order for our skin to retain its suppleness and freshness. After experiencing the facial treatment for the first time ever in my life, I profess not to take my skin for granted and do it as much as possible every month. I highly recommend that you do too. And it would not hurt that the lovely doctor is at hand not only to inform you, diagnose you but also to inspire you with her ugly duckling to swan transformation!




Cheapanggang Diva is a certified Skin Philosophie lead generator.

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