Not Selfie Friendly Anymore

I believe many my age and older can relate to this quandary of mine – the no posting of unedited photos to Facebook policy! They have to go through skin smoothing and brightening apps first. Camera 360 and Perfectly Clear are my best allies.

Adverse physical changes start to manifest by the time one arrives at the age of 40. I was skeptical at first, but eventually realized the truth by experiencing first hand. At my age not only is my eyesight not as 20/20 as it was before, but the condition of my skin is not as supple as well. Fine wrinkles and sunken cheeks slowly characterize my face.

I count myself blessed to be introduced to SKIN PHILOSOPHIE Medical Aesthetic and Lifestyle Solutions at this opportune time of my life. . This clinic run by Dr. Kyla Talens is conveniently situated at 3rd Level, The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City (BGC).

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What Makes for a Reliable Skin Clinic?

Many of us take extra measures just to be presentable. However, when it comes to skin treatment and care, we should never leave it to chance nor to the care of those without proper dermatological training. Three things that make a skin clinic trustworthy and reliable: well educated and trained dermatologists and staffs, state of the art machines and gadgetry and a working philosophy founded on the sincerity to help others.



Education and Training Non Pareil

Dr. Kyla M. Talens finished her Doctor of Medicine degree from no less than the foremost state university of the country – the University of the Philippines – Manila. Setting her sights to more advanced dermatology training, she enrolled in the oldest medical university in Wales and ranked 15th in the United Kingdom, the Cardiff University. She took both her Diploma and Masteral in Clinical Dermatology there under the guidance of no less than Andrew Finley, the pioneer in research on impact of skin disorders on people’s lives.

Growing up pestered herself by skin problems, Dr. Talens is no stranger not only to the complexity of treating them but on self esteem as well. It is this experience that made her resolve to help others with the same problems, offering pathological treatments at friendlier rates. Lifestyle Solutions extend the coverage of her treatment more than skin deep. For permanent and life changing results, her treatment will delve not only on the medical aspect, but guidance in one’s attitude to life itself.

To know more about Dr. Kyla M. Talens, visit http://skinphilosophie.com/about-us/about-dr-nikita-kyla-talens/






State of the Art Facilities

Rejuvenation, depigmentation and hair removal treatments require laser technology to effectively accomplish. Only not all laser machines are made equal, just as any gadgetry goes. There are basic ones that can handle most laser treatments effective, but not as efficient and safe as a top of the line ones like what Skin Philosophie uses.


Palomar Lux 1540 Erbium Glass Fractional Laser is available only to a number of clinics not only with the capital, but the necessary expertise to handle the technology as well. It produces high energy laser beams with great precision needed to properly and safely infiltrate the deep layers of skin. They will stimulate the deep tissues to produce natural collagen and elastin needed to improve skin tone and texture.


This cost efficient laser technology is utilized in the following treatments that I badly needed!


Laser Rejuvenation that will resurface younger and revitalized skin cells doing away with wrinkles, scars, open pores and dull sagging and lifeless skin for a radiant youthful appearance! Me! Me! Me please!

Laser Hair Removal uses not the Lux 1540 but another state of the art laser machine, the Palomar Lux R. This one is a powerful machine in s sense that unlike cheaper ones, it can totally eradicate hair follicles, thereby effectively addressing unwanted and unsightly hair growth! Ugh! I am so over stubbles and the effort I do to remove them everyday of my life!


More information on these laser treatments can be found here: http://skinphilosophie.com/dt_services/laser-treatments/






The Guiding Philosophy of Skin Philosophie

Skin clinics offering all sorts of treatment cocktails are a dime a dozen, but those standing by the principles of honesty and affordable luxury. In fact, I found it refreshing of Dr. Kyla Talens to openly speak about the permanence or nonpermanence of the effectivity of a service or treatment with no marketing gibberish whatsoever. These services are likewise tailor made to be sensitive to the capacity of most clients.

Knowing likewise her very own experience with skin problems, it is unlikely to doubt her sincerity in standing by her clinic’s mantra of “Crafting beauty is an art, be our masterpiece”. And that she would do everything in her capacity to make one out of you just like she did to herself – inside and out.





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