I was dumbfounded. It left me with a heavy heart just watching the proceedings over the TV. It saddens me that I was powerless to do anything or at least to appease the grief that the families of the #Fallen44 must be feeling at the ruthless death of their loved ones. So young, so full of hope, so optimistic of life. And it was zapped out of them in a gruesome manner. A lot of opinions have been floating around as to what ifs and what nots. One thing is clear though, there was an obvious miscalculation of judgement among the leaders of these sacrificed souls.


As runners, we can express our support for the #saf44 and their families by running as one this Sunday at The Condura Skyway Marathon. I encourage you to wear black bands or ribbons in our arms as a symbol of mourning and being one with these grieving and lost souls.


I am not yet well with my cough and colds, but I will make this sacrifice of running, actually, walking the half marathon distance in honor of these fallen heroes! This is the least sacrifice I can offer.