I consider myself lucky to have this great opportunity of getting to know 3 fantastic make-up artists.  Their works I have seen improve dramatically to top caliber level in just a span of more than a year. They were trained by the foremost school in make-up and hair artistry in the country, the Center for Aesthetic Studies. They did several apprentice works after graduation with top rank and highly in demand local make up artists doing photo shoots, video commercials and movies.  At this point in their respective careers, they are themselves hired to do these things on they own.  The great thing is that they carry me on the wings of their successes as their hairstylist.





It was Acie whom I got to know first through a mutual friend, Alee Benson, a noted fashion hairstylist lording over the magazine editorial and fashion show turf.  He was the runner-up winner for hair stylist in one of the season of Mega Fashion Crew TV show and a college school mate. It was Alee who also encouraged me to do hair and not solely rely on make-up for income.

Back to Acie, it was during an Assumption homecoming event, the Velada, when I got to meet her.  She is an alumnae of the school herself.  I was tagged along by Alee to help him with the hair as this was a mass hair and make-up job.  Another make-up artist, Marissa Narvaez, is likewise an alumnae.  Together we comprised the team that created some 80’s look for one of the homecoming batches.

Acie has been hiring me for some of her gigs mostly with the upper echelon of the social strata and some magazine and online media photo shoots. Despite her successes and her clout, she charges a very reasonable price for all her services including weddings and debuts.

As a make-up artist, I am blown away by the progress made by Acie in terms of exploring all fronts for advertising mileage and craft mastery.  Her works I can describe as glowing, delicately smoked and expressive eyes best for red carpet affairs where glam is the name of the game. Her arsenal of make-up materials is top of the line.  Book her if you want to elegantly stand out.


Contact Details
Tel. No. 0917-623-1491
Email Add.  hello@aciefores.com
Facebook:  Acie Fores






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The name is long but she goes by the nickname OJ just fine.  This is the abbreviation of her maiden name Ojeda coined during high school days at Phil. Science High School.  Here, I suppose, is where the obsession for the details and technical mastery of the craft came from.  By the way, she is also an electronics engineering graduate at UP.

OJ is the farthest from any geek-ness you can get. Not knowing her credentials, you will never guess that high IQ crowd she is associated with – sunshiny personality with ever smiling eyes. But the cunning quest for perfection pervades her works.  She creates “plakado” (well-defined)  brows that can stand-out on or by itself without making up the rest of the face.  With everything else done, I describe her works as immaculately mastered, sophisticated yet not overly done look.

OJ is an in-demand commercial print ad make-up artist doing rounds for some Ayala Land ads as well.  This major company’s trust alone can attest to the clinical flawlessness of her creations. If you go for this preppy sophisticated look, book her.


Contact Details
Tel. No. 0917-885-2883
Email Add.  cristinacacnio@gmail.com
Facebook:  Cristina Cacnio


Photography by: Elaine Ojeda-Subido






All the while I thought her nick Madz is just a term of endearment like “Mars” is for “kumare” (godmother).  Only to know that it is really a contraption of her name. Madz introduction to the world of make-up artistry is through subjecting her very own face to the constant barrage of colored palettes during her modelling days.  Through this, she got acquainted with and learned the various styles and techniques of top fashion make-up gurus.  Her turning pro, however, was cemented via a make-up course at Center for Aesthetic Studies.

Going for that modern rendition of classic make-up styles, her works is an array of impeccably gorgeous and polished faces.  Mads got an eye for what works for her clients and, using her modelling background, transforms them to look fashionably “in”.  It helps great deal also that she works with one of the leading worldwide ads firm, the McCann-Erickson.

If you want to be transformed into a trendy and gorgeous you, book her for a very reasonable fee.


Contact Details
Tel. No. 0917-599-1495
Facebook:  Madz Rausa