I am sure you have items either of clothing or gadgetry that you are most comfortable and secure using that you get back to it time and again. They are mostly the most used and abused things that we own. As runners, we have our favorite shoes among a shoe rack full. I likewise own several items that I use too often they get associated with me already as if they represent me!

Lately I had this opportunity to own a Krooberg NuFit II sandals as a Christmas present from Krooberg Asst. Sales Manager for Non Traditional Media Ien Edgar. I am not really a sandals type of person as I usually find them too outdoorsy in design and a bit on the heavy side (the river sandals like I have that is). I have one and I use them for trekking and hiking only. These Krooberg sandals are a totally different kind and I am learning to love them each time I wear them.
Here are the reasons why:


Comfort – The very criterion by which most foot wear or even articles of clothing are based on to be considered a favorite and a go to for everyday or frequent usage is comfort. And what makes a footwear comfortable? They should be made of soft, cushiony materials or at least those that are in contact with the feet. They should be pliable enough not to restrict or interfere with natural feet movements such as walking or running.

Krooberg sandals are made of soft and pliable rubber material all throughout and moreso on the insoles that makes for a comfortable and unrestricted foot movements. As a runner, I find these attributes perfect for a recovery footwear right after the race when my feet are sore and swollen, at home resting my legs or mall or park strolling or simply anywhere you wanted to walk to or about. The elastic straps functions to hold the sandals in place and not hurt the feet. They are easily strapped on and off as well.

Weather Proof – My river sandals, like Krooberg sandals, are weather proof but they are not as comfortable and light. The rubber construction makes perfect not only for river crossing or beach activities like surfing and shore combing but torrential rains and floods that besset the metro during the moonsoon. In fact, this is my favorite footwear when the rain signals are up. A tad higher in the hierarchy of footwears than slippers, its unique design can effortlessly go with casual office clothes of Makati and elsewhere when the shoes go off for a trudge in the rain. This likewise enables not only air but water to freely flow in and out as well thereby cooling the feet and drying it up easily.



Well Built – It is not enough that the footwear should be comfortable and weather-proof, it should last long for all these good points to be enjoyed totally. Though I had just been wearing this for barely a month, I can see that the kind of rubber it was made from is strong enough to withstand frequent usage despite being soft. Just like the rubber slippers we see all around, this will become a candidate for recycling even before it starts to disintegrate.

Unique Good Looks – Though a tad masculine and ninja turtlish for me, this design concept of a separator between the big toe and the next digit makes it unique and interesting compared to a simplistic shoe-like rubber sandal. Due to this special feature, I suggest you try to get a size bigger than accustomed to. Not only are the NuFit sandals generally smaller in sizing, but this separator can hurt the soft tissues in between toes if not properly fitted. Go for enough space in this area. I had a minor discomfort here during my first two days of wearing but disappeared right after. I believe you just need to get accustomed to this separator. These NuFit II models also come in red and black.
Cheapanggang Diva Upraisal

This sandal is fast becoming my frequent go to foot wear for almost all of my casual and rainy weather walking either for some errands or for work. Race days and recovery days likewise call for NuFit II sandals usage. In between these days of gloom and recovery, there are not enough days left for not wearing them – a Cheapanggang Diva stamp of approval indeed.
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With Ien Edgar, the Asst. Manager for Sales – Non. Traditional Media at the Krooberg SMX fair.