There are many things to learn about this aspect of training and competition that seemed less important than, well, training and competing itself – nutrition and hydration. Last November 27, in partnership with held an informative talk around this topic at 100 Miles Café, BGC that made many who attended, mostly runners, realize just how.. The benevolence of Suncoast, distributors of Lightwater and Vitwater, made this event possible.

Jinoe Gavan of opened the talk with Coach Miguel Lopez, celebrity trainer and Lightwater ambassador giving the audience some important facts about Lightwater, electrolyte-infused water. As a triathlete himself aside from training some topnotch celebrity triathletes like Kuya Kim, Coach Miguel or Iggy as he is fondly called, knows what he is saying. With an 8.2 ph, this water’s basic consistency sits well in the stomach, thus is readily absorbed. This and the fact that it is distilled the way plants do theirs to sip only the purest of waters into their system. Aside from the purity and the basic consistency, Lightwater is best for triathletes and runners as it is electrolytes-infused. This is beneficial in keeping cells in our body properly and deeply hydrated.

Coach Miguel Lopez talking about the importance of hydration in any sports or physical activities.
Mr. himself, Jinoe Gavan giving the opening spiel for this event.

Nutritionist Pia Batua of Fitness First Metro East and resident nutritionist at efficiently covered the nutrition aspect of the talk. Here she talked about the major food groups that our body needs to function properly. However, among these food groups, there are good and bad forms that we need to be wary of and choose wisely from. Like the wheat bread is better than the white bread, brown rice better than well-milled one, fruit dessert better than sugary ones, fruit juices better than sodas, white meat better than red meat, plant oils better than animal oils, etc. She also mentioned about the 3-teaspoon rule that meant eating just that amount max of anything despite our appetite telling us to consume more.

Nutritionist Pia Badua of Fitness First talking on the importance of proper nutrition.
Nutritionist Pia Badua of Fitness First talking on the importance of proper nutrition.

As a runner and multisport enthusiast though, what caught my attention more was when she mentioned that effective carbo-loading, among the many topics she infused in her barely 1-hour talk, should start 2 weeks before the long run or endurance sport to avoid its negative effects like weakness, bloating, lethargy on race day. As training tapers during this period, carbo intake should increase in inverse proportion. This info goes in contradiction to more familiar norm of 2 day prior the event binging. Thus, we were floored with this info from the nutritionist herself. With the limited time though, she cannot answer all our queries. However, in her website, she personally addresses questions about this so we, as well as all those interested in knowing about this topic more, can reach her.

In this span of 3 hours covering hydration and nutrition for sports and fitness enthusiasts, we could not just get enough. I hope that more of these talks will be in the offing. I believe and Pinay Health Junkie will have plans for future informative talks like this.