It was just a nostalgic conversation over at Facebook where Last Man Standing, Rhina Vince Sison and Ien were reminiscing Midnight Run, a Halloween costume run held around this time of the year. There will be none this year though. We had been regular patrons and support crew of this race.   I, together with the Fabulous Running Divas, even had a station along the route 2 years in a row.  Alan aka Last Man Standing (LMS) had his Midnight Hunks station last year giving out loop cords to lady runners in exchange for kisses. It is in this tradition that we wanted to run in costume once again and to invite other equally interested runners even if for just a group run. Then I posted a comment and everything started from there.

LMS created the FB event page, Fabulous Halloween Party Run 2014.  I suggested the title naturally!  Ha…ha….  After some deliberations in our chat room, we managed to fill in the necessary details like route maps, start and finish area and gun start among others. We then started sending out some invites with me using my limited Photoshop know how in creating some sort of an event logo/e-invite. Of the over three hundred invitees, 40 plus confirmed. I had known from experience that among those who confirmed, only half of them usually manage to attend.


At around 7 pm, a good number of those who confirmed attendance were already present at our starting place at Track 30th of Bonifacio Global City. Mostly were not yet in costume though. We still got an hour more before the gun start at 8pm. I came fully made-up by my co-make-up artist, Arnold, at Salon. It was Ien who came the earliest. Sheila and friend, Rain, arrived next. After, a couple more appeared including Rhina Vince who was dressed in an 80’s inspired get up complete with Melanie Marquez’s “Taras Bulba” hair, and Last Man Standing with GF as the Devilicious Hunk. By almost 8 pm, all of us were already in costume including the Running Baby in Diapers! A lot of picture takings had already been taking place from each available corner.  A good number of runners came with their kids in tow too including Gandara Lang and Thecy Batanguenang Runner with no less than the popular, more popular than her mother in fact, Little Darna!  Cathy in all her regalia came just in the nick of time before we left the Track 30th area.

Cheapanggang Diva and Running Diva
Fabulous Running Divas all! Ultra Princess, Diva Runner Roselle and Running Diva Alyna!
The two instigators of the event seen here after the run, Last Man Standing (second from the left) and Rhina Vince (second from the right).
Alyna busy doing her make-up while the rest are busy with their pictorials.


Suddenly, a van full of Halloween revelers stopped before us. All the while I thought they were just BGC denizens looking for some good time bar and resto hopping the night away. They were, to my assumption, too coordinated and “well-dressed” to run. Of course, I did not recognize La Familia, the group consisting of the Beldia Family – Mary Ann with hubby Denis and children, sisters Michelle, Crizzel with hubby PJ, cousin Lawrence and bff Angie – behind those make-up and costume! After some customary picture taking, they together with rest proceeded to our post-race activity and baggage station (thanks Redg or Wednesday of the Addams Family for taking charge), the Arts in the City building.  Your Sweetness as usual came in his bubbly self and provided the much needed, though less utilized, hosting abilities.

Let me introduce you to La Familia!

Off we went a-running! I realized early in the run that heavy faux neck jewelries do not jive well with running, well, same holds true with the rest of my outfit anyway! Haha…Blue Zapanta, my partner in crime looking like a cross between Thumbelina and Peter Pan, proved efficient as lead runner together with Running Diva Roselle who came as her Viking Goddess alter ego. With barely less than 10 days in preparation, the pacers were not properly advised of the route. Luckily, these two ultra-runners were there to make adjustments along the way being already familiar with the BGC area and outskirts, a constant race route ever since.

Ultramarathoner lead runners. The reason why we at the middle found it hard to catch up with them!


Rai “The Runner in Diaper” Cabanig was a hit among BGC revelers! Other guys were not to be outdone like Noel Arellano, Cali Jhay, and the rest. Along the route, many pedestrians were amazed at seeing a bunch of runners in Halloween costume zigzagging along the busy lanes and not minding the melting make-up, heat of a non-sweat-wicking material we are accustomed to, heavy and falling accessories. A good number cannot help but have their pictures taken with some of us.

Wonder Coach and Little Darna!
The most attention-catcher of them all, Diaper Runner! Seen here with Lakay Runner, kiddo and Richard.
Nobody can outdo Diva Runner Alyna when it comes to costume and projection.



You cannot expect “Kamatayan” to run the entire 10K scythe, oatmeal make-up, cape and all! Lawrence and the rest of the La Familia including the scene-stealing Dora (Michelle) did not do the entire distance. How can they? Aside from the movement limiting costumes, they are too “beautiful” to be sweated out! Add Alyna in all her mysterious splendor as the Black Veiled Moroccan Princess complete with a long train to this group and you will get a clearer picture. Haha… Cynth Yu and partner in medical scrubs did neither. I learned later that she had just recuperated from a knee surgery and a debilitating depression that accompanied it right after. Having completed just half the distance was an accomplishment far more than enough.


From the lead group, my group of Angie the Sweeper este the Witch, Last Man Standing and GF, caught up with Teejay and Jan Mark, both glowing in the dark with their glow sticks all over their body, after being left behind while buying some hydration at 711. So the lead bunch was really doing some serious running after all! Not seeing them for some more distance of catching up, we decided to head for the finish line. Doing short cut is not a crime in this run. This was just a Party Run remember?

Zumba Parteeeh! Blue was the expert in this and he led beautifully in this post run salvo. We were thankful for his leadership in both the race and the zumba dance despite being sick and stressed from his mother’s health condition. Even Coach Mherlz who like Blue was also sick came in her Halloween best! The Off The Road running group of fab Pinky, Abby, Wheng and Arvie together with Abby’s and Pinky’s solteros and dalagas, content themselves with waiting at the activity area for this post-race dancersize. An unfortunate incident unfortunately occured where BGC police towed Ien’s pick-up truck  due to illegal parking.  Because of this, I was not able to attend the after race activities. Luckily, Coach Mherlz and Running Diva took some videos of this and I was able to relieve the fun as if I was there at that instant by watching them some time later. I share them here for your viewing pleasure.  And some more pictures!

1796511_989927101036937_236004201011115045_n 1959803_1720327884859446_5950980670770887788_n 954813_989927904370190_2233138415740232437_n 10696407_989927954370185_1366417685302534134_n 10702140_10203061382597569_405946094453501588_n

Photos courtesy of Running Diva, Redg Candido, Miyah Milana, Crizzel and PJ Dugayo, Ien Andrew and Alyna Bejoc.

Next year we promise to prepare much earlier and make “bulabog” the BGC Halloween revelers with more “kabooghera” costumes and more fun, well-planned post-race activities!

P.S.  Sorry if I cannot mention everybody due to limited memory capacity, my memory!  Hehe… Anyway see you next costume run!