October 14, 2014

This is the second Blogapalooza I attended and I maintained going to the event LATE! Like last year, I arrived at the event site, SMX Aura, with just a few hours to spare before closing time. Therefore, I have to do the round of all the participating booths, or at least those I found welcoming and attractive, in a rush. Glad I got fellow bloggers and FRD group mates Ivan and Redg not only for company but as tour guides as well. They had been at the event earlier so they already have a handful or rather an armful of stash and a good survey of all the products/services offered as well as the freebies handed out.

I was held up at work with a succession of faces to make glamorous that I was not able to grab something for my stomach going into the event. My first stop after registration at the entrance where I luckily found Red, Ivan and another running blogger friend Supladong Irish lingering was naturally some food stalls. It was pizza gratification I received at YELLOW CAB PIZZA offering some huge slices of their signature pepperoni pizza that I gobbled despite finding it a bit salty and oily for my taste. Beside it was another food booth and it offered a great partner to my pizza, the HOUSE OF LASAGNA! After some registration for info gathering (you do this at almost all stalls you drop in), they gave me some PR and, of course, the lasagna! I espied the Krispy Kreme booth from the corner of my eye but it was closed for the moment as they were waiting for fresh supply of yummy doughnuts. Well that would bid well as dessert later after I digested my initial food salvo.

_MAC5296 index

From among the stash of goodies that Redg, Ivan and Suplado carry, it was the FLAWLESS pouch that got my attention. Well who wouldn’t want to be, umm, flawless? In fact, Suplado got not one but three give away pouches. I want to have those too, whatever products they got inside that loot bag, so I headed for their booth. There they made me hit the pink balloons on the wall representing pimples that needed to be popped to be able to win the Flawless product freebies. Like Suplado, I popped three! Therefore, it is three pouches (containing Stem Cell Therapy Night and Day creams) for me too! Kung di pa ako magiging flawless neto, ewan ko na lang. Hehe… As a make-up artist, I can find uses for these for my clients too.
As I proceeded towards the stage area where some product demonstration and introduction was happening with When In Manila owner Vince Golangco efficiently keeping the program upbeat and interactive, I saw a beeline of excited bloggers and guests towards the KRISPY KREME booth! What a great timing for some dessert! The chocolate machine whirled right in the corner where we dipped our bare doughnuts for some choco coating. There were bits of colorful sugary sprinklers and different colored icing too that we can add in for personalization. I placed all of them in my doughnut and created what resembled like a colorful flower. This concoction resulted in a very, very sweet creation I could barely finish the whole thing without cringing in sweetness. What was that they said about too much of a good thing eh? Redg created an FRD inspired creation that she took home for her daughter, as she is not fond of these goodies.

My floral-inspired Krispy Kreme creation.


Then I was given a fast trip to groggy land with just a shot or two gulps! The 12% alcohol content of smooth tasting but with a powerful kick beer DIABLO (the name itself says it all) did the job. I was instantly chatty and non-coherent! Talk about a non-drinker putting his finger where they should not be! They were contained in a thinner but taller can than the regular soda and beer canisters that we are more familiar. This made them look stronger as they are stronger in content. This will bid well with “manginginoms” who are not fans of “mahaba-habang usapan” thingy.


We sat for some needed leg rest in front of the SKY CABLE booth when I saw this booth of DYSON PHILS. offering cordless and bagless handheld vacuum cleaners and state-of-the-art bladeless electric fans. I was looking for some good but cheap vacuum cleaner so I inquired about their products. The cordless vacuum cleaner works by a combination of mechanical engineering and modern technology to effect the sucking of dirt without electricity. There were bigger, industrial models aside from the handheld ones. None of them uses bags so this negates the expense of always buying one and replacing them. However, since these cleaning appliances are European-made and state-of-the-art, they do not come cheap! Next booth it was then for me, hahaha.


The effect of alcohol in my system made me a little bit “kapal” too that I took the dance challenge offered at the IDEAL VISION booth without second thoughts. I had been seeing several bloggers carrying this long green umbrella that I wanted to have too given the present weather we have. So I scoured the area along the left side of the convention center and I was led to this optical services and eyewear booth where I saw some folding umbrellas on the table. I registered and asked to follow the dance on the video. I did an without finishing the song I Will Survive, I demanded for my umbrella! The things that a gulp of alcoholic beverage made me do, gosh! They gave me one and immediately went back to where my friends were sitting and encouraged them to try too. Suddenly, the Ideal Vision booth got deluged with wannabe dancers. The folded umbrella turned out to be better – it was automatic and with a flashlight at the handle! In addition, we were given VIP card with a couple of benefits like discounts, etc. Fabulous!


Ivan and Redg dancing to Lady Gaga’s Applause



The Ideal Vision magic payongand VIP card!

The Blogapalooza can be an overwhelming experience given the number of products, services, etc. in a number of booths in one place and for a day only. More so since I came in late, very late! I made a mental note to come in earlier next time, sans work appointments that is. I would also want to listen more to speakers and product introducers in the center stage to better acquaint myself with new products, technologies and services being presented. I would want to soak in the event and not feel like in a whirlwind and aimlessly wandering amidst fellow bloggers and participating booths. I would want to visit every booth. Until the next Blogapalooza then, see you!