WHAT:     Color Manila Run – Year 3
WHEN:     January 4, 2014
WHERE:   Bonifacio Global City


CATEGORIES:        3K, 5K and 10K


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Cheapangga’s View

Is it not great to welcome the New Year with flying colors? Well, literally! Not only that, the excess of the Christmas celebration just past can make for a cholesterol filled body to greet the brand new year with. Such is not a healthy state to be in after the closing of 2014. So by the first Sunday of 2015, it would be a great beginning, a great resolution, to start the promising year getting rid of all the excesses through a healthy exercise like running. Add to this great activity, the splashing of colors to celebrate the new year with! This fun filled activity will booster your resolve to start everything for the year right and on a happy and colorful note!

I personally am fond of this FUN run that I gave it my Cheapangga Award for the Best Fun Run of the year 2013. Hope you will find this very exciting and worthy of starting your year with!

Here is the link to my Cheapangga Awards 2013:


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Race Inclusions

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