After announcing the addition of Camsur to the Challenge Family of races last July 29, 2014, the FASTEST race in Asia now releases their course preview with Pro Triathlete Michael Murphy.

As the extreme sports capital of Asia, Camsur has played host to some of the best world class sporting events including the biggest world class triathlon event in the Philippines for three consecutive years, the biggest marathon in the Philippines, the largest wakeboard competition in the world and the country’s biggest dragon boat competition.

From a new self-seeding system to help athletes achieve the best swim time to a flat, smooth and inspirational bike course that will encourage you to hammer down, and a stunning run through “Unlimited Rice Avenue” with cheering kids and fiestas, the Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur is the race to set your personal best and to truly feel what it means to be part of the Challenge Family. We look forward to seeing you at Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur in 2015!

Opening of registration to be announced soon. Stay tuned!


To view the Yellowcab’s Challenge Camsur Course Preview, visit our Challenge Camsur Facebook page.


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