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Atleta Ako, An Online Shop For Women!

Eureka! I have found my store! Weh, di nga? Well, sort of. Here is the thing; ATLETA AKO is an online shop for all things female sports apparel and accessories. That is why it is sort of for me since I am “sort of” female! Waah! Nonetheless, I believe nobody can deny me that right to profess that – THIS IS MY STORE!


As Cheapanggang Running Diva, I am not satisfied with the generic running outfits and accessories that I get from regular sports specific shops. There are items that I would prefer if they came in a particular color, design, or packaging befitting my status (charaught lang). Then I got to know of this online shop from its owner, Cecil, and the various products she carries. They are top of the line, girl specific as well as unisex products from reputable international brands that she herself uses as a triathlete. She personally found then not only of good quality but comes in innovative feminine designs, colors and build as well. I have to cite this one particular product as an example and of which a diva friend and blogger Redg Candido is gaga about, the Flipbelts. These are like waistbands, a spin off from the uninspired race belts that we commonly use. They camouflage their real purpose of carrying small things or gadgets like phones and keys while running or indulging in a physical activity in a fashionable and colorful band design. (I’ve got to have this too Redg!) Australian premium brand trisuit SOAS that is specifically designed for women are also available.  This is modeled and endorsed by no less than the competitive professional triathlete and mother Liz Blatchford.  These and did I mention about the Running Skirts?

For more info on their products, please visit and like their Facebook Page.  And their webpage for orders at











There are also unisex items that guys are going gaga over like Philippine themed Headsweats visors and caps and EZ laces (which I looooove) for runners multisport enthusiasts. This is the solution to my recent aquathlon difficulty of properly tying my laces while reeling and feeling uncoordinated from a strenuous swim leg. They come in reflective fabulous colors and elastic material too!




This is what I need in my next multisport event in December.  Why I think so?  Please read my account on my very first aquathlon experience here.


The Atleta Ako Ambassador Search!

In line with their effort to come up with an ideal female sports lover and mother (not a requirement) who will best represent their product, Atleta Ako is launching this Ambassador Search among runners, yoga practitioners, swimmers, zumba dancers, cyclists, triathletes who are their target market. I myself have this admiration to those middle-aged mothers who make it their responsibility not only to take care of their family but also themselves. In my running group, The Fabulous Running Divas, I have a number of them sweating it out with the men and younger set runners and even “chicking” them while thinking about if their kids are fine at school and what menu to cook for lunch and/or dinner. In one of my usual morning lsds, I got to meet ultramarathoner, podium placer and fellow diva Cleo Armendez. She said she went out for a 20K run after finding nothing to do after she had cooked for her husband and children. Right after her run though, she will still clean the house including the dog popoos, etc. and only enjoy her rest and TV time right after. Familiar scenario running moms, isn’t it? Well then…




If you think you are:

  • A fit female, 18-60 years old
  • “Real people, real athlete” ang peg sa buhay, not necessarily of great physical attributes like a commercial model as they are not “real”. As I have mentioned above, just your regular running mom who delves in physical activities aside from their mom and wife roles.
  • Not the usual “X-Factor”. If your beauty belongs to the “Z-Factor”, pasok ka sa banga! Hahaha…
  • Definitely into her sport for the past 2 years. No “pretending-to-like-sports-activities” please.
  • Sorry for our coaches but “No professional athletes/coaches”.



Either one of these must be her sport:

  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Surfing
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Cross Fit


Application Requirements

  1. Full body photo – arms and legs visible
  2. Close up shot, smiling necessary
  3. A brief “tell me about yourself” with information on how long she has been in her sport
  4. Birthday and contact details


Submission of Entries

Entries to be emailed to


Drop of at:
Altelata Ako
4th Floor Aguirre Bldg., 812 Arnaiz Avenue
1200 Makati City
(02) 752-9087



Deadline of Submission

September 30, 2014 at 6 PM



What Awaits the Winners

Token and items from Atleta Ako and a feature on the Atleta Ako website. And fun while doing so!