The Omnidroid Stretch

Whenever my lower back pain acts up when I am stressed or not feeling well, I remember this scene from my all-time favorite animated film of 2004 about a superhero family, The Incredibles. It was during the patriarch’s (Bob Parr aka Mr. Incredible) fight with a prototype robot, Omnidroid, when suddenly, given his age and lack of physical activity, his lower back ached. He could hardly fight the enemy as a result. However, as the robot was manhandling him, juggling him about, and stretching his whole body thin, his back suddenly snapped into place and he felt great in an instant! It is as if he was back to his young body once again! At this point, he easily destroyed the enemy like a renewed top-notch crime-fighting super hero that he once was.

How I wish this were achievable in real life! Then all my lower back aches and pains that not only limit my physical activity but my general wellbeing as well, will be one hard stretch away. Unable to duplicate this “Omnidroid Stretch” in real life, I discovered the best way to effect this kind of spinal realignment – through the professional and educated hands of a chiropractor. I found myself a beneficiary of this great opportunity to be able to lie down and have my spine checked and realigned one afternoon at the foremost center for chiropractic medicine in our country, the Intercare. I could not afford to let this opportunity pass for anything as this lumbar pain has been hounding me for decades after I got it during my college intrams volleyball game. That is how long our love affair had been!


Lecture On The Importance Of A Healthy And Aligned Spine

Dr. Martin Camara, head of Intercare, gave us the essential information on how important proper body and spine alignment, including chiropractic medicine that makes sure they are so, to total wellbeing. It is at the top of the hierarchy of movement. The body will not be able to achieve mobility and stability without these. Bad posture and/or spinal alignment will even affect the proper functioning of the nervous system. Of the many things mentioned by Dr. Camara of how importance Chiropractic Medicine is to all of us, it is his statement as supported by scientific studies, that “mobility affects longevity“. This means that the more mobile you are, the longer your life will be. Given my very experience with this injury, I am in full belief as to the truth of this concept.

It is the job of chiropractors to ensure that the body is aligned properly from all aspects, frontally, laterally, etc. to avoid injury and for enhanced performance in any physical activities like running. It is not enough that one is mobile. One should be efficiently and properly mobile! To ensure that chiropractors give only the best scientific care and procedure, they study for a minimum of four years in college, plus two or more years of actual training and conjunctive studies just to become experts at what they do. Comparatively, the Carada practitioners just undergo a crash course for two weeks! Talk about entrusting your spine to someone with expertise and knowledge!


Dr. Martin Camara talking on the importance of proper bone and spine alignment among others.


My Session With Cute Eugene Of Malaysia!

Cute, young, intelligent, and very attentive, isn’t that the qualities we like in our prospect girlfriend or boyfriend? Hehehe… Well Eugene got all that. He is cute and young all right, and his intelligence of chiropractic medicine plus his training necessitates him to pay attention to my ailment. So there, all that attention was because I was his patient! Duh! Well, at least I know that I am properly taken cared for and that my injury will be properly addressed and treated. Taking notes first of my history of spinal or muscular injuries, asking necessary question to its effect, I came to know that like with a medical doctor, every information lneeded to cure an ailment is being taken and weighted. They are required to give the proper treatment. I would very much like to volunteer personal information like phone numbers but propriety and professionalism dictates I control myself. Propriety?‼! What’s that? Haha…

Then it’s time for my alignment. Lying on my back, he made sure that my lower back pain is not currently acting by making me go over the motion of taking my knee towards my torso and asking if there is any pain. Next, he made me pronate on the bed face down and did some pushing on my lumber area, down to my butt area, with his fingers and asking if it caused any pain with each press. It did not, though it tickled me! Hahaha… Of course I did not tell him that. Deep inside I was screaming for more! Lande‼!

The manipulation of my lumbar area consisted of me lying on my back with one leg crossing the other one while maintaining a flat torso. He pushed, or rather lunged his entire body weight, on one butt, the one of the crossing over leg, to twist the spine into proper position. Then he did it with the other side, the other leg crossing over the other and doing the process with the other butt. Now I am butt balanced! Then the part that I looooove the most, the torso alignment, came next! In here, he made me cross my arms on my breast and then, without warning and catching me unawares, he suddenly hugged me, warm and tight! Well I just added the warm part; it was only me who felt warm from the unexpected, but very much welcome, hug! Haha Then I heard a succession of pops from the embrace. I did not know that such could cause spines to move into their proper places! Well it did brought me into my proper place after thinking the embrace was emotionally driven.

The next part I had seen done in one of the scene in Madonna’s Truth Or Dare Concert Tour movie where she was having her alignment done after a series of stressful concerts. She was lying on her bed and a chiropractor was holding her head when suddenly he turned it to one side as if truncating it. I had seen some people do this on themselves, making their neck pop, but I dare not imitate lest I want to be paralyzed from the neck down. However, under the hands of a professional, gently and after making sure I am fully relaxed, it was swift and effortless. The pops came loudly in succession like a loud zipper in my head.


His cuteness, Eugene from Malaysia


The Effect

It seemed I am floating in air as I walked from one of the cubicles in the second floor of Intercare. I felt energized immediately as if a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. Walking home from this session, I felt I was restored to my real height. Literally, I was walking tall! When before it took an effort for me to straighten my back straining my lower back muscles, now such motion came naturally and effortlessly. However, given the kind and length of injury that I have, I believe a single session will not suffice. Asked by Eugene when I gotten my injury, I embarrassingly told him during college in one of my volleyball games. He confusingly volunteered, “five years ago?” And it flattered me straight to cloud nine. My ego, like my back, was popped to proper and efficient functioning right after! Haha…


Post Script

 Fast forward a week after this initial treatment and I thought the effect was just “placebo”. Afterall what more can mere cracking of ones spine do to the body? It is just like cracking your finger bones which by the way I have a habit of doing. There is that psychological factor that makes us believe what we wanted to. Given the conducive environment plus a bombardment of positive reinforcements from the others, we even have corresponding physical manifestations to boot.

Or so I thought. Then it struck me when I was bending over the shampoo bowl at the Salon where I work, I can do so with no pressure building on my lower back! Then I realized, I am not anymore having some “after sleep” lumbar aches that only go away sometime after rising from bed! For these alone, I was totally sold to the effectivity of a good spinal stretch by a trained chiropractor. In fact, I am looking forward to a follow-up realignment!


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