The Start

I had more or less an hour of sleep; I was restless on my bed and I do not know why. Thus, I prayed that either it rains hard or that nobody but me arrives at our usual meet up place at Jollibee Guadalupe until past our departure time of 3:30 a.m. so that I can have an excuse of cancelling the event. Instead, we (aptly: they) can head out on an individual lsd – while I return to lala land of slumber!

It was Alyna Bejoc and Red Ginger who planned for the Fabulous Running Divas third lsd. Though surprised at the sudden creation of a Facebook event page for this, I nonetheless resolved to join having got no other plans on this day, August 31. Immediately, I sent out invites to all active group mates. A total number of eight confirmed of the almost hundred invites! Talk about a good degree of support from the group. Of these eight, only three appeared on run day. It is a given that with these type of online invites, expect a compliance rate of 50%. Well, maybe the timing was not right, or there were a number of simultaneous runs, or they chose other groups to join in, or they went out on their own finding the route not to their liking or a tad far from where they usually run. Either way, it is their choice and to each his or her own. Bitter? Hehehe…

At our usual meet up place, Jollibee Guadalupe, Redg Candido came by her lonesome self so my prayers obviously were not heard. I had no choice but to run with barely a shuteye! Teejay was also there but he was set for a mountain climb at Mt. Batulao. Together we left for Puregold, Imus where Alyna was already waiting at Petron Paliko just right across. After a prayer, we threesome started out for our 25K run at exactly 4:30 a.m. Two others, vivacious Osang and Bryan were already waiting for us to arrive at Shell (they live just nearby) some 5K away from where we started.


The Runners

10645174_916397925041418_1085741785737789832_nFrom left to right: Bryan Francia, Osang Menendez, Alyna Bejoc, Redg Candido and me.


 The Route


This is the route map for our Power Kembot lsd run. Diva Runner Alyna specially scouted this route for us. She just lives nearby. I envy her for having this superb route just a few steps from her home. We started from our meet up point at Petron Palico Daanan-Emilio Aguinaldo Highway heading for Molino Road some 3.5K away.

Our two other run mates, Osang Menendez and Bryan Francia were waiting for us near the Shell Station, Molino Road, some 5K from Petron. They had been waiting for us for an hour already, the amount of time it took us to prepare to start and manage the 5K distance!

The five of us road divas and a dude then went down towards Daang Hari Road, which is 8.45 km. into our run and eventually the Daang Reyna Junction at 12.88 km. At the end of Daang Reyna is Victoria Avenue, which we traversed leading us to Father Masi St. and eventually Pagsanjan St. where we looked for some “carenderia” and ate pancit.

Had we continued on Pagsanjan St. further down then we could have reached South Luzon Express Way where I can take a ride home. But such was not to be since we need to traverse the same way back until Petron at Daang Hari Road, the end of our 29 km lsd.


The Fabulous Elevation


Given this kind of route right at their doorstep, it is no wonder to see Kabitenyo runners to be strong and fast runners. I was so fortunate to have experienced running at this very playground of road and mountain bikers from nearby villages and even from the metro. I can see why – the road is hilly for most part and, at some points, a continuous incline.

Except for the first part along Palico and Molino Roads, there was no part that is plainly flat. Starting from Daang Hari Road until we reached the San Pedro, Laguna area, expect challenging road elevations. They are either continuous slopes or sudden ups and downs.

Look at the graph to have an idea of what I am saying. After this lsd, I think I am better equipped to take on a more challenging Cavinti and Caliraya races these coming weekends.


The Fun

PHOTO CREDITS:     Alyna Bejoc and Redg Candido

Me and Alyna having fun with the road signages warning vehicles of a deep ravine.

Alyna and Redg pointing and taking a picture of the area where we came from.

Redg posing at the barangay signage indicating our present location.

Somewhere along the picturesque route.

Running, posing, running, posing. This would not be Power Kembot lsd without these essential moments. These pictures would likewise give you an idea of the route and its inclines.

Taking a much needed nutritional break at Pining Eatery along Pagsanjan Street before heading back to Daang Hari Road.

Victoria Homes Arc at Victoria Avenue

Taking a pose after 29 km of running. What best background fitting the end of this great run but the fabulous Notre Dame de Vie chapel!