Run Corregidor poster1 

# 10    Corregidor is so near Manila, but away from the city chaos
# 9      Corregidor is traffic-free, smog-free
# 8      Run and rock through history
# 7      Race shirt, Finisher’s Medal, Finisher’s Medallion, Massive 42K Finisher’s Medallion, Limited edition Jacket
# 6      Ferry ride, identical gears
# 5      “Hardest” All-terrain race in the country 
# 4      CM & CIHM is the perfect year-opener for runners aiming to start the year with a bang
# 3      Cross the finish line with the view of the infinity line
# 2      Corregidor offers runners the best possible way to cool down after a challenging race – taking a plunge in the Corregidor beach
# 1      CM & CIHM are both for serious and fun runners, the two races are loaded with memorable running experience


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