Angkor What?

Ask any runner what his or her dream race would be and I bet my signature aqua blue wig that it would involve, more probably than not, an international destination race.

I for one would definitely want to experience running abroad. Having less financial resources though, this is something that is more for the bucket list of dreams than reality for me. However if I am to save for an opportunity to realize this dream and “kembot” run in a fabulous diva way in a foreign soil, without batting a fake eyelash, I would choose Angkor Wat Half Marathon.

I am an old soul, or so I believe myself to be, and to be able to run in a world heritage site amidst centuries old temples billed as the largest religious monument in the world is just priceless. I would imagine myself running away from pursuers of a hidden treasure ala Angelina Jolie while in the thick of the race! Add to this race’s special attractions the fact that only a limited number of participants (150) are accepted and proceeds will go to different charities helping the country’s landmine victims.


A great opportunity will be granted to four (4) lucky participants in Enervon ACTIV Temple Run Digital Promo with an all-expense paid trip to run in the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon!


temple run

So while it takes some time for me to be able to save for this race, why not try my luck in this contest. Who knows di ba? If you are as interested in this race as I am, let me share with you the instructions on how to join the contest:

  1. Buy Enervon Activ Promo Pack (10s pack from drugstores or two (2) 5s packs from supermarkets and convenience stores)
  2. Inside these packs are special Promo Codes signifying your purchase of the designated product. You will use this as your entry in the next step.
  3. Log on to and enter this Promo Code.
  4. Contest will run from August 1, 2014 until October 31, 2014 where three (3) raffle draws will be held on:

    September 1 (for Aug. 1 – 31 entries)
    October 1 (for Aug. 1 – Sept. 30 entries), and
    November 3 (for Aug. 1 – Oct. 31 entries).

    Only the October and November draw winners (2 each month) will earn this race as prices while the September draw winners (10) will get RUPM race kits each.

Buy these Evervon Activ specially marked packages of 10s or two 5s to be able to participate in the digital promo.

This is the website where you will enter your digital promo code.

This is the schedule of the draw dates, the prizes and the number of winners each raffle draw.


A Week In The Cheapanggang Diva RUPM And TriUnited 4 Training

I am no elite athlete, in fact so far in the spectrum of strength, endurance, and agility from that esteemed group. I belong to the ordinary bunch of working individuals (just like most of us) trying to inject some active training into their ordinary lives for health reasons. As a working class trying to eke out a living from 9 to 6, 6 days a week, training for me usually happens before I go to work or right after. They usually last from no less than an hour but not exceeding two. The challenge here comes not only in trying to save energy to make it through 8 hours of work right after but also in trying to balance my training not only for a marathon this first week of October (Run United Philippine Marathon) but also for my first triathlon this coming November (TriUnited 4). I need to train for three sport disciplines in a week!

Here is how my week in training goes:



Zumba to the video right at home as recovery from Sunday’s long runs. I am currently doing the version with weights since I needed the strength for my swimming. It is like cardio and weight training in one.



Tuesdays are toxic days for me as I am combining two sports in one training. I run to Army Gymnasium pool for 45 minutes, swim for an hour and run back home for another 45 minutes.



Wednesdays are speed and circuit trainings with my running clinic group headed by Coach Mherlz Nava Lumagbas over at BHS.



Thursdays are another aquathlon days for me. In these days, I run from where I work and arrive at the pool in less than 45 minutes. Then I proceed with my training for an hour. Then I run for another 45 minutes home.



This I need very badly!



Saturdays are bike and run days. Usually I go for an hour and a half bike and some 15 minutes run just around the area where I live.



Sundays are reserved either for my team Fabulous Running Divas long slow distance runs or LSDs or fun runs. This can go from 10K to marathon distance of 42K depending on the race that particular day. For group LSDs, they usually go around the 35K mark.


Train, Work, Race, Supplement and Live!

I train almost every day. I work every day. My Sundays are either race days or those spent running almost half a day somewhere around the metro or the neighboring provinces like Cavite. It is a constant refrain of running, swimming, biking, and Zumba weight training. Sometimes these can get out of hand causing my body to deteriorate and get sick. That is why in order to avoid this and not disrupt my training; I needed all the help I can get including proper nutrition and vitamin supplementation.

I am not fond of complicated nutritional concoctions and preparations. All I do is eat lots of fruits and vegetables as much as possible, plus fish, and lean meat for protein. I just lessen the intake of fats and sugars. That is all I do.

I take Enervon Activ to build stamina and keep me training and performing for all of these RUPM and Tri United 4 trainings that I do. For me it is a one-pill wonder for all my recovery, immune system, and muscle strengthening needs to prevent injuries, infections, and diseases. These are the very things that can derail my training and which I cannot afford as I had already invested much time and energy to it.

One capsule of Enervon Activ contains these important supplements we needed in our training:

Immunity Strenghteners – Anti-Oxidants Vitamins A,C,E and Zinc – prevents cellular damage resulting to cancer, aging and various degenerative diseases;

Energy Boosters

  1. Vitamin B-Complex and Folic Acid – helps in keeping the nerves healthy and properly functioning thus avoiding weakness and limb numbness, general weakness and/or shortness of breath;
  2. Ginseng – is widely used to lower cholesterol, increase energy and endurance, reduce fatigue and the effects of stress, and prevent infections. Ginseng is one of the most effective anti-aging supplements, with the capability of alleviating some major effects of aging such as degeneration of the blood system, and increasing mental and physical capacity;
  3. Royal Jelly – boosts energy and supports the immune system.

Better Muscle Control

  1. Mineral Sium 5XTM blended formula (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Potassium).
  2. Iron – helps in keeping the blood oxygenated thereby helping in combating fatigue.

If you are like me who do not like to fuss much on watching everything that enters their mouth and do not want a cocktail of vitamins and minerals to take every day, then try this one as it contains everything we need in our intensive marathon and/or triathlon training.

C360_2014-08-21-05-54-04-463Taking my Enervon Activ vitamin before I go for my daily training. This keeps me going throughout the day.


The Following Is An Excerp From My Previous Post On Recovery:

Recovery, an Important Factor in Stress Management

Sometimes rest is just not enough.  This used to be enough to bring stability and recovery back to our system then when not yet indulged in an intensive work out such as running, now, it is a different story all together.  A different approach to stress management should be considered in conjunction to rest/sleep.  It is at this point when what we eat before, during and after matters.  Unfortunately, not everything our body needs in order to hasten the recovery process can be had in the regular Filipino diet.

Certain vitamins, mineral and organic substances have been proven as alleviants to stress – muscle and nerve fatigue busters, and respiratory and circulatory system enhancers and improvers.  The effective amount and the daily recommended intake are sometimes not satisfied with the regular food that we take. Supplementation carrying these substances should be enforced from formulated food, drinks, and/or capsules.

Read more on my previous post here.


Looking Forward To My First Triathlon And RUPM

With my training spot on and not being hampered, so far, by any illness or injury, I am confident of tackling Run United Philippine Marathon this first Sunday of October and Tri United 4 on November 23 with fabulous diva rainbow colors!

Standing confident and strong of my current health and training status.