Aside from those which saw print in the Front Runner Magazine’s annual women’s issue, there were a bunch of others that our photo shoot with Jason Antonio of Running Photographers produced. Being the fab divas that we all are, expect a myriad of “kwela” shots complete with “kabooghera” poses!

The Costume Shot was done on these diagonal logs structure but before that, some divas already spread themselves over these for their own group shot.

The Original Cast so to speak of FRD, the very creators Benj and Rikki and one of the supposedly 10 Epic Relay runners, Doug.

When the original group did not materialize, it was these 5 Prime Divas (Blue, Red, Rikki, Sweet and Ivan) who took the cudgels and made everything a reality.

The Class Picture of FRD

The Ladies Group Shot. They are not to be outdone. After all each one is a diva in her own right.

The Becky Group Shot. We showed the ladies how it should be done!

The Ultra Divas – Becky Version


Here are some of the behind-the-scene action, there were just a lot, during the duration of the shoot.

Nakahabol si Coach Mherlz!

This is the nga-nga look of the group’s originators.

Fabulous legs!!!

The Diva Ultra-Marathoners