I always like to see runners running in something else aside from the generic shorts, race singlets, and cap (and, of course, the shoes save for some barefoot runners). Who would not? They are after all a remarkable sight amidst the sea of “blahness”. Stand out and be counted! However, not all are up to the challenge. It is a personality thing. Your demeanor in running – a metaphor to life (hello?), reflects what you are as a person. You are either a “simplicity is beauty” type or the “more is more” variety. However if you find it in you, no matter how faint, that silly urge to be the bright and shining exemplar of “running fabulously”, then give in. You will not regret it, I promise you (well for as long as it is within the bounds of normalcy and not full-blown outrageousness, that is).

We could start with three gorgeous accessories that are fail-safe addends to your usual running self.



Music and Me

I am not a social runner. I always run alone, as I am comfortable that way. I am not talkative, funny, nor very entertaining, so I would rather shut up and run. That is how I had always been as a runner, a swimmer, a biker or as a person in general. The only way I can spice up my routinely runs is to put music into it. I do not like them complicated and time consuming to prepare and use, though, as I used to during my early running years. Back then, I would put my phone inside my armband; insert the earphone jack and its cord inside my shirt or singlet to avoid dangling distractingly by my side. Then I would turn on the music app in my phone, adjust the volume, and wrap the band around my arms. Adjust its tension until sure I would not end up with gangrened lower arms and hands as if in tourniquet! The hassle of it all just consumed me a good number of minutes I would rather spend doing warm-ups. I do not have the liberty of time, as I need to go to work right after.



The Product:    Yurbuds Inspire Limited Edition Wireless

The Fabulous Factors:

  1. Wireless so no cords to get in the way of a run or a workout.
  2. More than double the driver size of many stereo wireless earphones providing better quality and bigger sound.
  3. Ambient sound permitted for safer run.
  4. Features ergonomic Twistlock Technology, which perfectly locks in place yet comfortable for hours.
  5. Sweat and water resistant.
  6. A durable Kevlar cord connects the two buds, which can be used either behind the head or under the chin.
  7. Noise cancelling dual-microphone system lets you answer phone calls.
  8. An integrated volume and full track and call control.
  9. Battery powers an impressive weeks’ worth of workouts.
  10. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Where available:    Power Mac Center, Runnr, Planet Sports, and ROX

How much:    P7,500.00

Product Catalogue:     yurbuds PRODUCT BRIEF



The Compression of a Runner


I had seen them worn by triathletes – these compression stuff. I do not know why but I used to find runners donning trisuit very “astig”. That was then. Now I do not know the purpose or the reason of doing so, not unless they want to break in such or know how it feels to run in one for future tri events. Other than that, I would recommend a dedicated running wear when participating in a purely run event.

A good exception is the compression wear like the calf sleeves and the arm sleeves. With or without conclusive research on its benefits when used during or after endurance races, but based on my own experience, they are indeed effective in decreasing and flushing lactic acid build up in my extremities. This and not to mention that they add a touch of color to the running “attire” when they come in bright ones is worth their place in any fabulous runners’ closet. And when I saw that my triathlete idol, Caroline “Xena” Steffen is using them as well as the gorgeous Team USA marathoners and sprinters like Shalane Flanagan, Allyson Felix and Sonya Richards, I was floored. I have to have one myself! And I did!


The Product:    Zensah Compression Gear

The Fabulous Details:

  1. Top selling compression leg sleeve in the USA for running specialty according to Leisure Trends Group 2009-2013 YTD Data and third in bra support category. With this standing in a major and very volatile market like the USA, one can never go wrong.
  2. Made in the USA including the materials used, read: quality material and build coming from a country with strict quality control.
  3. Provide support by providing ample (not less nor more than required) compression in varying degrees at certain points of the body thereby preventing injury.
  4. Perfect ergonomic fit being engineered with chevron and micro ribbing to stabilize muscles .
  5. Improved blood circulation thereby preventing lactic acid (fatigue) build up.
  6. Less lactic acid means a reduced recovery time and DOMS.
  7. UV protection and moisture wicking materials

Where available:    Runnr, Planet Sports, ROX, Arena

How much:

Compression Type


Calf Sleeves P2,000.00
Arm Sleeves P1,800.00
Support Bra P2,000.00


Product Catalogue:     ZENSAH PRODUCT BRIEF

For More Information:

Website – www.zensah.com
Facebook – Zensah Philippines
Instagram and Twitter – zensahph

Media Contact Persons:


Pinkee Gonzales



Jigo Rigor




The Shade Of Competition


I for one would not go out for a run without one most especially when I know I will end up way past sunrise. Many of you I believe have similar affinity to this ocular gadgetry and fashion statement. The more important role of sunglasses though is not aesthetic but eye protection from the harmful UV rays, as well as, piercing substances, even insects that can not only irritate but also damage our eyes. Then everybody knows that.

So let me proceed with the more important, albeit superficial, purpose – FASHION and BEAUTY! As experienced participants of a multitude of fun runs, we are already aware of the goings on during, right at the finish line, the activity area, and several hours after a long and tiring run – many pictorials with immediate posting over social media sites to boot! Then what do you see in those pictures? Yes, you are correct, one of the dreaded fiascos of a true blue running diva, tired and lifeless looking eyes! We proud ourselves being bright and shining ambassadors of running only to be caught with a dead looking pair of windows to our soul, as if we were sick or had diarrhea for days. Never would I allow that!


The Solution:    Sport specific eyewear with a European flair!

The Product:    Salice Eyewear

The Fabulous Product Description:

  1. Designed and crafted in Italy thus providing us with that distinct European style. And by the way, it is pronounced with a che’ in the end. Just like saying “che’ chura lang!”
  2. Time tested durability with the company having started with creating heavy-duty goggles and sunglasses for industrial and military use.
  3. Not only built to withstand hard training but also to protect the eyes 100% against UVA, B and C rays.
  4. Comes in fabulous designs and colors.
  5. Many choices of kinds of lenses with varying effects like greater contrast or changing shade according to surrounding light conditions.
  6. All lenses are mirrored, wide enough to block out grit and dust, and have anti-fog vents.
  7. Frames are characterized by a wrap-around design with a soft nosepiece that keeps them in place even during intense activity. They are ultra-lightweight too.
  8. Value for money! They are less than half the price of other leading brands.

Where available:    The Brick Multisport Store (McKinley Hill and Cebu branches), Bike King, ROX, Primo Cycles, Secondwind Running Store (Greenhills, Ortigas and Quezon City branches), Specialized Concept Store, Runnr (BHS, ATC), Toby’s (MOA, Shangri-La), Planet Sports (BHS, ATC), The Athlete’s Foot, Epic Cycles Alabang, Nothing But Water – Boracay and Bike Town Cyclery.

How much:    P4,800.00 – P14,800.00