Tuesdays are my first training day of each week after Monday’s rest and Sunday’s LSDs or races. This makes them special as they set the theme for how my entire training week is going to progress, either they be smooth and fantastic, or miserable and hard. That is why I always look forward to making my training during this day extra special and spot on as much as possible.


I started this regimen just a week ago, by the way, in preparation for two different races – the Milo Marathon in 3 weeks and Splash N Dash Aquathlon two weeks after. The marathon is a much bigger monster to tame and my training, commensurately, started 3 months ago though in a not so constant manner as I would have wanted it to be. The aquathlon is something new to me. Though I had learned how to swim during college which was eons ago, I had only revisited this sport sometime last year and only for a few months. The flame for multisport was rekindled only after Teejay, a fellow FRD, invited me to join his triathlon relay team Team Try Lang at the recent Triman event. I did the bike leg by the way. But the team made a pact to continue and train for the three sports in order to participate individually come later this year. We lined up some duathlons, aquathlons, and an eventual triathlon including Splash N Dash, a sprint aquathlon of 600 meters swim and 5K run, which is up next.


I plan to continue on with this training menu though for as long as I can (well as long as I have a P100 pool entrance fee money) with or without aquathlon or triathlon events.


Here is how my Tuesday’s training goes (or should go!):


  1. Run for 1 hour and 45 minutes, which usually takes me at 15K depending on my condition. My route starts from ARCA South (FTI) Country Bank towards Signal Village going to the Heritage Park, then Bayani Road, Lawton then towards the junction of McKinley Hill where I make a u turn. I will then trace my way back until the AFPPOVAI gate and enter its premises until I reach the service road at the other end.
  2. Drink Pepsi and eat Crinkles at the bakery shop near TESDA instead of my usual Pocari Sweat from 711. Para makatipid ng konti.
  3. Continue with my run and head towards Army Gymnasium pool.
  4. Swim for 1 hour, which are usually some 20 laps in a 50-meter pool. This once again depends on my current condition. I have learned to base my training on time rather than distance as I found it much friendlier to my “delicate” body and mind. In this instance, I can be more constant in my training per week as compared to straining to achieve a required distance and ending with an injury or sickness.
  5. Run for 30 more minutes, which is usually towards housing junction where I can take a jeepney ride home.
  6. Take a bath and head for work.


The Route Map



Me At Some Points In My Training