For the longest time our running group The Fabulous Running Divas had not had a group lsd.  What’s a running group that has not held an lsd ever?  Fortunately, after catching up with Blue, Ivan and Alyna after their Etude Run last May, a sudden impulse to finally hold one got decided with finality.  An event invite over Facebook sealed its realization – the first ever FRD Power Kembot 35K lsd from SM Bacoor to Silang Bayan.

Of the 32 runners who confirmed attendance, only 16 showed up at our starting point over at SM Bacoor.  We started almost 4:30 am.  I together with Red, Marky, Force Blader, Teejay, Herbert, Amor and friend  and Erich met up at Jollibee Guadalupe before proceeding to the start area where Alyna and Blue waited for us.  Shortly after we arrived, Last Man Standing, Harry and Joji followed.  Daisy made it just in time for our prayers and stretching.  Then we were off the early but already busy streets of Emilio Aguinaldo Highway.  Minutes after, Jeff was already at our back catching us up after arriving late.

The place where it all started, SMBacoor! Di ba historical? Monumental? Or plain mental?!!


Sweeping Duties and Erich

Blue and I took the roles of being sweeper.  Blue is a natural while I was trying my hardest to be patient and easy on my pace.  The bunch that showed up was more of an eclectic collection of hard core, ultra runners and fun runners with years of running under one’s belt.  Of the group, it was Erich who was the most inexperienced.  Both Blue and I basically run-walked with him through the first half of the course as we needed to catch up with the rest.  5:2 run-walk method, singing method (our own invention where a Bee Gees song signals the start of the run segment) and literally pushing were all put to test but nothing proved effective.

At around the 20K mark, it was just too much for him to manage the pace and the plantar fasciitis he was suffering from.  He called it a day and waited for us at Silang Bayan.  Amor and her friend followed suit some moments later due to an uneasy feeling and heaviness in her legs due to a hard training some few days prior.  The uneasiness was providential in a sense that her son was to meet a swimming accident that very moment.  He is okey now though.

Every arch, every sidewalk infastructure, pose pa din ng pose!
The hunks of Mananakbong Kabitenyo and some gorgeous gals posing with the FRD. Photo by Teejay.


Stopover Galore And The Mananakbong Kabitenyo

Before reaching Silang Bayan, we had some stopovers given the heat of the day.  The first one was at 711 in Dasmarinas. The “mamaws” group of LSM, Harry, Joji, Herbert, Teejay and Force Blader, meanwhile, was concurrently having some “lugaw” in front of Robinson’s Dasmarinas.  One whole bag of ice cubes was purchased and divided among several hydration backpacks in preparation for the last leg under the searing heat of the almost noon sun. The next one was at the gasoline station just before the junction going to Silang Bayan.  It was at this point when the group of LSM, Harry, Joji and Herbert decided to pursue with reaching the Olivares Junction at Tagaytay.  So off the four went straight ahead while the rest of us took the left road to Bayan to fetch Erich.

We got the shock of the day when we saw Erich being surrounded by a bunch of buff and good looking runners in front of Silang Municipal building!  And Greeneyes Val Caro was with them too!  They belonged to the “Mananakbong Kabitenyo” running group and they had just finished with their trail lsd at the Coffee Trails, a 25K route.  At least Erich had some few good moments of guy sight seeing while waiting for us to arrive.  They were an accommodating group, not to mention goodlooking (ahem), that they even waited just to have a group pic with us!

Before proceeding to Silang Bayan (the kembot group) and Tagaytay (the mamaw group), stop over pa din!


Not Even 30K Yet!  It’s Angela!

We realized that SM Bacoor to Silang Bayan was just around the 25K mark.  We lacked 10K more!  As we agreed earlier to meet at Jollibee in Olivares with the group of four, we decided to at least roundup our lsd at around the 30K mark instead of the originally planned 35K.  Off we went into the part of Emilio Aguinaldo leading to Tagaytay Road. 

Some few meters after and there we saw Angela running towards us!  Such determination!  We left Pasay without her as she was late.  All the while we were running, she was texting on our whereabouts.  I thought she did not push through as who would think that she would brave the very early morning travel alone to Bacoor.  And not only that, to scour the way towards Silang for any shadow of us! 

The Adventist International Advanced Studies School, according to gorgeous Daisy’s watch, was kilometer 30 so we ended our Power Kembot lsd right there.

The infamous picture of the "agawan ng banana" staring in stellar role of Banana Diva, Red Ginger. Photo by Alyna.


The Making Of The Banana Picture

It was while waiting for the Olivares Junction jeepney that the FRD version of the infamous banana incident at a recent race took place.  There was a banana and watermelon stall by the road.  Given the imagination and the vivacious character of the divas, such “excena” is wont to happen.  With Alyna’s ever present camera and Red with his huge “pamaypay”, and the green banana inviting to be taken, the props was all set.  Supporting characters became me and Blue acting as if we were lunging to grab the bananas from Red.  The nonchalant expression of Red juxtaposed against mine and Blue’s agitated ones were just picture perfect!

Meanwhile, on the way to Olivares inside the jeepney, we saw the four “mamaws” still in determined pursuit of the 40 plus Ks despite the tremendous mid summer-like heat and limited hydration.  And it was more than 10K still to go!  My oh my!  We, on the other hand, were so relieved that the discomfort is over.  Our hearts go out to them, and our admiration as well.

Picture picture with Taal Volcano as backdrop, supposedly, kaso puro backlight ang nakita!


Lafang Lafang and Kwentuhan

We craved for unli rice!  Well, who wouldn’t.  Mang Inasal was the fast food restaurant of choice.  Occupying the closed portion at the side nearest the comfort room, we had ourselves cleaned up, refreshed and changed to something drier and cleaner, not to mention more nice smelling! 

When our orders of sumptuous chicken inasal meals, with matching hot soups and ice-cold glass of water arrived, we attacked them like “PGs”!  Endorphin plus a full stomach mean super “kwela” conversations and animated laughters.  It took almost an hour and a half for the four to finally reach the end of their extended lsd and join us.  They were a battle-worn but very contented bunch.

After some pictorial against the Taal Volcano back drop, off we went home for a much needed rest and recovery.  We vowed to come up with another Power Kembot LSD soon!  Talk about not getting enough of a good thing.  Well something in preparation for either Milo or RUPM then.  See yah!