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Naturally this event was star studded being organized by the broadcast arm of a giant news and entertainment network ABS CBN.  Star Studio staples like the glowing Karylle Tatlonghari was present with her cute and handsome hubby, rockstar Yael Yuzon.  It must have been brought by the blood rush of a 5K run she just did or the bliss of being newly-wed.  Of course there was the triathletee extra ordinaire and equally pink cheeked Matteo Guidicelli who likewise ran and graced the stage right after.  Hosting the event were broadcast and TV personalities, Kuya Kim, Ariel Ureta, Winnie Cordero, Traffic Angel Tina Marasigan, Ahwel Pazwho, Cory Quirino were very entertaining and fun.  They were but a few of the many stars of the network that helped out by appearing and joining in the fun.  Over some articles on the event stated beauteous and sexy Roxanne Barcelo and Diana Zubiri were also present.  I did not stay long and actually arrived when almost all of the runners had finished their 5K runs and the show already proceeding to the awarding of podium placers.  I have heard that some Going Bulilit kids and The Biggest Loser winners were also present.

I did not join the event. I just came to the venue to meet my FRD group mates Blue and Ivan who were registered in the 5k color run.  I ran from my place in Upper Bicutan  which was roughly 8k to the turf area of BGC where the start/finish line was situated. This was also a Run Rio event that’s why I saw several familiar faces from among the route and hydration marshals. 

The event was a blockbuster with casual and newbie runners running with family and friends.  In fact while running at the sidewalk alongside the runners in their last 2K, I saw a group with balloons on their forehead posing for pictures with photographers and with some fellow runners who found them amusing.  Some family groups and “kabarkadas” also had several sefie moments along the route for immediate Facebook or IG posting.  I even saw a guy carrying a monopod while running!  Lately, this had been the most important running gadget! An added attraction was the throwing of color powders at the runners at several designated stations, a growing local race trend.

Talking about families running together,  as I slowed down approaching an intersection, I saw this little boy sitting by the curb.  With him were two women, one obviously his mother.  The boy must have been tired from all the running overdose of the day that he needed to rest.  His companions were trying to wipe his sweat and make him comfortable but he looked like he have had enough. I do hope he will finish the race though with some more rests in between bursts of speed as most kids are wont to do.  Hopefully it was what he wanted and not what his mother!

Some more celebrities I passed by were athletic model and personality Will Devaughn who ran with this gorgeous gal I naughily surmised must be his girl friend, or was it Roxanne Barcelo?  I was “bangag” enough to identify properly.  I also saw Eric “Eruption” Tai surreptitiously running before a group of girls posing in the middle of the road for a picture and throwing some colored powders  at them!  It was such a fun, fun, fun run with all these rambunctious goings on along the route and after as well spicing up this run for a cause.

The activity area was likewise filled not only with runners filing up for some freebies  but also of booths offering several ABS CBN momentos and products sold at discounted prices. There were music cds, Tabang shirts, umbrellas, mugs, magazines, picture booths, etc.  It was also here that I saw Ivan buying (well whatelse) music cds!  Together we found Blue by the turf area with Saul and Marine.  After some chika and picture posing, off we went together for breakfast at Figaros .  It was sumptuous and affordable for only less than 200 pesos.  It comes also with a cup of coffee.  Thanks Saul and Marine!

The three of us were not yet over after breakfast.  We decided to go find something cheap to buy at Divisoria as the day was stll young,  So off we went for our shopping adventure and some more fun!

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