New Brand Mark


Reebok is undergoing several changes to the brand, an upheaval of sorts.  For starters, the logo was changed to reflect a more solid and comprehensive stance for “better life through fitness – physically, mentally and socially”.  The delta symbol stands for change, a change for the better through a healthy lifestyle, and for pushing oneself to the limits of physical strength, endurance, and over-all conditioning.  The three sides or parts in themselves represent three areas where changes will happened for a total wellbeing – physical, mental, and social.  In a single word, tough fitness will be the name of the game from now on.



Reebok Fit Hub


Just recently, I was fortunate enough to be invited to witness the unveiling of the first ever fitness center that will serve as a major location for those who will heed the call for supreme fitness – the Reebok Fit Hub.  It is located very strategically where almost a number of commuters from the business district of Makati happen to pass every day from work going to home through MRT – the Royal Sporting House, 2nd Level, Glorietta 4.


The very concept of this Fit Hub is to provide an area where people not only will be inspired to achieve a three pronged fitness level as the new brand logo suggests but to have fun while doing it.  The area in itself is designed to mimic a gym environment in order to immerse the patrons of the feel and look that can be catalysts, an encouragement to pursue this kind of lifestyle.


The concept store within a store will carry top of the line Reebok products for use in running, dance, Cross Fit and/or yoga.



Reebok ZSeries Running Shoes Collection


This is actually what I had been quite interested going into the event being a runner.  Any innovative features or technology incorporated in a running shoes will merit not only undivided attention from the minions but scrutinizing interest as well.  Together will several new things this brand is excitedly looking forward to is the Reebok ZSeries of running shoes including the one presented to us, the ZFury. 


What is promised in this new model is the use of Formula One racecar tire technology in the soles called the ZRated.  This was “engineered for ultimate ground contact and the ability to rapidly move in and out of turns at high speed” like the tire it was designed after.  This will make the shoes ideal not only for speed (the lightweight, minimalistic materials and construction) but traction for sudden change of direction as well.  A simple inspection of the soles will reveal several different types of materials used and traction formation ideal for running and cross training.


Here is the product description provided by the company:

The ZQUICK shoe features a unique foam compound and radically sliced geometry similar to that of a high performance tire for ultimate ground contact and a light weight, cushioned and more responsive ride. The underfoot grooves allow the midsole to flex and expand as the foot does, naturally increasing the edges in contact with the ground to allow rapid acceleration and easy control at high speed.  For additional stability when accelerating in and out of turns, the ZQUICK features a strategically placed NanoWeb upper that keeps the foot supported and centered providing enhanced control and stability so that the runner can move laterally with speed and quickness. Combined with a smooth, nearly seam-free upper for an irritation-free fit, the ZQUICK is the complete shoe to ensure a smooth, quick ride.


Here is the link to my review of ZFury.

This is me using the Reebok ZFury running shoes at Run United 1 (21K)
This is me using the Reebok ZFury running shoes at Run United 1 (21K)


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