Mechanics of the Game

  1. Share the picture above in your Facebook wall as status update together with this caption:
    I am a colorful runner and Color Manila Nite Run 2 is my kind of race!
  2. Hit the “Like” button in the Fabulous Running Diva Facebook widget found beside this post.
  3. Comment below your answer to this question:Β  “What is your favorite color and why?”
  4. Contest runs until Saturday, February 1, at 12 noon.
  5. I will raffle all the entries using an online number randomizer.

For more info on the race, click on this link to visit my blog post.Β  Thanks for dropping by runner!


And The Winners Are!!!

Here are the assigned numbers according to the order of comment:

1. Gia Estrella
2. Jobert Dela Victoria
3. Ahyie Avila
4. Rich Chad Loma
5. Khay Fernandez
6. Weng Dagdag
7. Arnel Villanueva
8.Oriel Brian Briguela
9. Alberto Sales
11.Julius Romero
12.June Real
15. Annalie de Lemos


The Cheapangga List Randomizer Result is



CONGRATULATIONS Ahyie Avila and Julius Romero!

I will send to you your PIN numbers which you will use to register online your distance of choice not later than Tuesday, February 4.