WHAT:     Rockeoke
WHEN:     December 17, 2013
WHERE:   Aracama Filipino Cuisine, The Fort, BGC

For more details: WhenInManila

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This will be another stage for Cheapanggang Diva to make “sabog ng lagim”!  Think I am too old for this?  Well, sad to tell you, this drag queen in me will never ever get old.  Maybe my body will not respond to every of her qualms, but once in a while,  a costume party such as Rockeoke will provide a perfect avenue for this “kalandian” to rise to the occasion!

I am ever so thankful that I still get to be invited to join this dynamic party where business and pleasure plus the bloggers can mingle in a laid back yet interactive manner. Thanks WhenInManila for always coming up with these ingenuous events and keeping a step ahead of the rest.

Come as a Rockstar or Pop Icon!

The special aspect of this event, aside from the interaction part and the overload of fun, drinks, prizes and surprises is the dressing up!  All guests can come as their superstar rocker or pop diva alterego in order to qualify for prizes or drinks.  As of yet, I cannot decide who to invite into my fabulous persona – Lady Gaga or Madonna, both uber gay icons.  Or maybe I can combine them into a unique fusion the Cheapangga way!  Whoever or whatever I may portray, what’s for sure is the absolute fun I will have jamming with the likes of Guji Lorenzana, Janjay Coonquilla and the Tuesday Band.

Hosted by WhenInManila.com, Sha Supangan and JCI Fort Bonifacio.

Steps 2 Follow

Here is the copy-pasted steps to be accomplished over at WhenInManila just to give you an idea of how simple it is to join.

– Blog about this eventInclude link to WhenInManila.com
– Include this event’s poster in post
– Share your post on social media (one or all social media you might have – Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / etc)
– Post link below (at the WIM post) to your blog article and include up to four names (including yourself) for guestlist / VIP.

You and 3 of Your Guests are Welcome!

Your +3 guests do not need to be bloggers. Entrance fees will be waived for bloggers who follow guidelines above. You will not get a confirmation email or anything. As long as you follow the guidelines above, your names will be on the guestlist. So please make sure you read and follow the guidelines above.

No Blog Yet?

If you are an aspiring blogger with no blog yet, but want to join WhenInManila.com and start sharing your stories, read our FAQ’s about joining our community here – http://www.wheninmanila.com/contribute, then send Vince a tweet @VinceGolangco and we’ll let you know how to RSVP for this event and meet everyone!

If you are a partner or sponsor wanting to attend, please email Vince@WhenInManila.com.

So what are you waiting for?  Put on your rocker chic/dude or pop icon/diva best and step into the limelight for this night of rockeokeing away!