WHAT:           TAKBUSKO UltraElectroMagnetic Run 2014
WHEN:           January 19, 2014
WHERE:         CCP Complex

DISTANCES:            3K, 5K, and 10K


Presented By:           Don Bosco Mandaluyong Alumni Association HighSchool Batch ‘89
For the Benefit of:    St. Dominic Savio Scholarship Foundation, Ampon ni Don Bosco, Pinardi House for Migrant Youth and Pugad Don Bosco

For More Info:           Takbusko Facebook Page and takbusko at Twitter
Tel. No.                     0915-8433222 / 0926-7408393 / 0925-8034828
Email Add.                 takbusco@gmail.com



NOTE:  The 21K distance had been scrapped from the race.


Cheapangga’s View

I truly believe that this race is worth supporting for the reason that this is an alumni event/activity and most likely not one for the pocket but “four” a cause (as most alumni activities go).  In fact, not one but four beneficiaries, all Don Bosco run, are listed.  That alone made me sold for this one without batting a false eyelash.  You should too and not only for those who likes falsies!


Registration Details        

Registration Period:     November 25 – December 30, 2013

Registration Sites:            

  • A Runner’s Circle Manila
  • Second Wind, Greenhills
  • Second Wind, Teacher’s Village
  • Second Wind, Home Depot, Ortigas
  • Don Bosco Mandaluyong Alumni Office
  • Don Bosco Pugad, Makati (Coffee and Saints)

NOTE:  Registration is extended.  Onsite registration is also available.


Registration Fees



Race Inclusions






Technical Shirt

1555555_632820336779435_663271863_n 1501749_632820246779444_1310350961_nPHOTO CREDIT:   Ayen Adelan


 Gun Start




1545630_635658529828949_801909960_nPHOTO CREDIT:   Papajack Morales


Final Thoughts

This is a race worth supporting for if only for the beneficiaries listed.  Don Bosco and the Salesian Fathers, Brothers and Sisters have been a part of our religious and social community for the longest time.  They have lots of bahay ampunans and community outreach programs for the poorest of the poor.  Their institution of education and social help have provided our country with not only top notch alumni but hope for our less fortunate country-persons.