My Diva Goddess Ensemble

I may go for things that are cheap but befitting a diva as my pseudonym Cheapangga suggests, but there are certain instances when I just would not settle for what is good enough but cheap for something better but more expensive.  This was my state of thinking when I sent out looking for stuffs to complete my Greek Goddess look for the Fabulous Running Divas sortie at St. Peter’s Midnight Run.  We staffed one of the stations where runners, themselves in various Halloween inspired costumes, must pass and get a loop cord as proof of having been “kissed”.  This is called the “Kiss of the Divas”.  I cannot imagine a more apt theme for our station than as diva goddesses lending our sought after kisses to the mortal runners.


I am Greek to Accessories!

I am not fond of accessories myself so I am not good at choosing the most apt for the theme.  Luckily, my work place is near Landmark where motley of choices can be found at the second floor near the exit to the Glorietta conduit.  There I had a field day of choosing and “unchoosing” and choosing again for a countless number of times until I settled for these two:

  1. The Bejeweled Necklace  – P400.00
  2. The Golden Cuff – P100.00




The Super Discounted but Unsellable Gown of a Goddess

When during ancient times, this one might fetch a fortune for SM Makati and the 22BC fashion brand, but in present era, this is more of a wedding entourage dress.  And since this comes in white, no bride would want her entourage to be in the same color as hers!  Since my Divi sortie with other Fab Divas did not materialize due to conflicting work and run schedules, my only choice at this time, barely 2 days to go, is SM Makati, which is another adjacent mall from my work place.

Scanning the third Floor Ladies Section for something less than P800 in a Grecian design, I can barely find something.  Either they are full structured designer gowns with the price range of 7,000 – 10,000 or dresses that are either multicolored or too tailored to fit the theme.

Then, almost giving up and settling for the Coco Banana flowing beachwear with a P800 tag price, I happened to pass a corner stall selling gowns of all shapes and sizes and some not so elegant ones sold at a hefty discount.  Scanning this discount rack, however, I was not contented with what was hanging visibly as it had some black panels to the otherwise Greek cut dress.  Not wanting to give up easily, not even when the sales ladies kept on insisting that none fits what I am looking for, I whisked some of those hanging near the front facing side.  Hidden midrack like something too unsellable to be seen was a carelessly folded shimmering white empire cut dress with gray rounded designs below the bust line and voila!  I got myself a diva goddess dress!

22BC Empire Cut White Flowing Long Gown – P1, 400.00 (discounted by more than 50% from the original price of P4, 500.00.


The Divine Wig

The ensemble will not be complete without the diva wig that will complete the goddess look.  While still at SM Makati after having found my dress, I immediately proceeded to Sathura, the Japanese wig seller.  I was attracted instantly to this blue bob cut one with bangs.  I instantly got my first choice.  However, I need to try those long curly ones in platinum blond for comparison.  I look good likewise at them with one client even complimenting that I looked whiter in them, but deep inside I wanted something attractive color wise.  Setting all the sales ladies making usyoso for a vote out, I was confronted with a deadlock!  The decision was still left for me to do after all!  Well as they say, the rest is history.  So here it is!

Sathura Bob Wig – P1, 400.00



The Hair and Make-up

Since I work in the Salon, I got the entire glam squad working on my face and hair with Joseph Francia performing his make-up masterpiece on my heavily-covered-with-foundation face and ate Nida putting my hair into a very tight bun not even a prima ballerina can undo!  The good thing is that my forehead wrinkles where erased like botox!


Hair and Make-up –  P2, 500.00 (I used my friendship card)

False Lashes – P50.00

cdiva05 cdiva06


The Diva Goddess was Born!

Grand Total:  P3, 350.00‼!