The Fabulous Running Divas striked again!  This time as Greek Goddesses who decended from the heavens and made a prestigious appearance for the lucky mortals, the runners of St. Peter’s Midnight Run!

The St. Peter’s Midnight Run held recently at the immediate surrounding streets of Metrowalk, Ortigas Business Center, featured not only the staple hunted house and cemetery stations but the Greentennial Hunks and the Kiss of the Divas stations as well.

The Featured Stations

The Greentennial Hunks, all twelve of them, were a group of handpicked male runners who possess the body of Adonis, a perfectly sculpted, to-swoon-for muscular body.  Each female runner has a choice of either imprinting a kiss mark on the hunk of choice’s body using their own lips or a provided lip shaped stamp pad.  All male runners on the other end needed to pass through the Kiss of the Divas station where they will be “kiss” marked with lip shaped stamp pad or, if lucky enough, a real kiss mark from the goddesses’ own lips which they will forever treasure and brag about all throughout their mortal lives.  Each kiss mark for the Hunks and from the Divas merit a loop cord.

The Haunted House station manned by the Smile Runners led by Rose Marie and Jughead featured a spooky casket where another set of loop cords can be had.  The Pinoy Aspiring Runners on the other hand replicated the eerie atmosphere of a cemetery in their station with each of them sporting a zombie made-up face with SepJo and Catherine leading the way.  They likewise provided a much-applauded Thriller dance number after the race where the Hunks and the Divas highlighted a mini-fashion/awarding of the Most Kissed Hunk in the person of Raschid Lee.

For the Greentennial Hunks, the preparation started months before with the Greentennial big boss, Sir Rovic Gloria, calling May Santos, Blue Zapanta and me to help in putting together this group.  Each of us jotted down potential candidates whom we immediately sought their yeses, mostly through private messages in Facebook.  The Fabulous Running Divas, on the other side, made up the Kiss of the Divas.  None of us can resist another occasion where we can transform from being regular runners to our inner divas – this time as Greek Goddesses!

Here is the Composition of the Hunks (and their telephone numbers!  – joke!

Last Man Standing
Jose Tuazon
Eric Fulgencio Lim
Noel Arellano
Jerome Katipon
Norvs Rubi-cruz
Glenn Terana
Edgar Paruganan
Orrin Jethro Garcia
Arvin Martin Acol
Jett Arino
Jett Arino
Raschid Lee
Raschid Lee

Here are the Fabulous Diva Goddesses in all their Majestic Splendor!

Rikki Suarez
Red Ginger
Blue Zapanta, Jr.
Allan Cabiltes
Redg Candido
Cleo Armendrez
Lawrence Serrano
Alyna Bejoc
Riza Pablico
Marine Timpug
Ayen Adelan
Angie Tuazon
Fab Sisters Mary Ann Milana, Michelle Pineda, Crizzel Dugayo
Melo Jane
Juvy Solabo
Juvy Solabo
Tres Marias Venus, Abby and Pinky
Tres Marias Venus, Abby and Pinky

A Crazy Start to a Crazy Event
The craziness of the event and the total pandemonium due partly to last minute changes compounded an earlier harassment in reaching the Metrowalk area due to traffic.  The fact that I am carrying a luggage while navigating on foot for the most efficient means of public transport to the race location did not help either.  I tried to flag a taxi.  None would dare the Makati to Ortigas heavy traffic at this time – rush hour and long weekend/holiday commuters’ rush. I then tried the MRT being the fastest one but the sheer volume of the passengers queuing right from the entrance to the very train station platform is enough to melt the one-hour make-up masterpiece of my fellow make-up artist at Salon – Joseph Francia.  Then I cannot take not only the heat but also the waiting for a less packed train anymore.  I made my way, luggage and all, back to the other side of Edsa through several flights of stairs to try the bus.  Upon seing spacious airconditioned ones all waiting to be filled up while the rest are crowding the station, I felt very relieved.  At last, I can now retouch my melted face and take off my wig that I was wearing all this time and it was so freaking hot in the head!

The last minute disruptions to my laid out plans are May’s unplanned absence due to a sudden change in her schedule as the most sought after ultra-marathon support crew, and the last minute request for the divas to lead the stretching.  Now not only was I cramming to put some resemblance of a goddess worthy make-up to some of my peers, I was also trying to give sms directions of our whereabouts to some lost hunks still on their way and gathering in one place those who are already present.  All throughout this time, I was also minding the time trying not to be late for the before-gunstart stretching.

After the race and upon arriving at the stage area, the gorgeous cheongsam clad emcee whom I adored for many times singling out not only the FRD buy my name as well, Mizh Maravilla, immediately announced that we are about to present a number!  What?‼!  I totally forgot about that one and we have not practiced any!  Well it was just a fashion show but placing all these hunks and divas in one place with all the picture takings here and there among a myriad of running in front of the stage, it was a nightmare and another stress factor for me!  With the help of Alyna and Blue who are ever ready with their catwalk, though, everything went into order.  Save for another one that I likewise forgot to take into account and which May had earlier briefed me consistently, the choice of the most-kissed hunk!  With no time to count the real kisses from each of the 12, I called out the one with the most kisses – stamped one that is!  I am not good at these kinds of situations.  That I now found out.

Despite all these, I am happy that we were able to present yet another diva moment not only for the members of the FRD and the Greentennial Hunks but also for the running populace who we offer all our sacrifices.  Indeed, it was another feather in our multicolored Mardi gras hats!

And Lots of Fab Photos Courtesy of Running Photographers!

cdiva74 cdiva73 cdiva72 cdiva70 cdiva68 cdiva65 cdiva64 cdiva61 cdiva60 cdiva58 cdiva52 cdiva51 cdiva45 cdiva44 cdiva42 cdiva40 cdiva35 cdiva32 cdiva34 cdiva29 cdiva28 cdiva26 cdiva21 cdiva23 cdiva20 cdiva19 cdiva17 cdiva15 cdiva13 cdiva10 cdiva09 cdiva08 cdiva07 cdiva05 cdiva75 cdiva02 cdiva03 cdiva04