Straight from my Facebook message inbox, I receive another invitation for the Fabulous Running Divas to lead in the stretching of runners.  This time around, it came from Doc Lyndon of Leadpack for Energen Family Run 2. I know this is something much bigger than the number of participants we are accustomed to leading but I accepted without batting a false eyelash.

Now come the part when I need to rally my own lead pack of divas (Blue, Red, Sweet and Ivan) to set the disco ball spinning.  Usually it is Blue who is incharge of putting some stretching moves into the music of our choice (usually a diva fitting one like Burlesque which we used at Michelle Estuar’s birthday run).

This time around though, he will not be available so I have to provide the moves myself just like I also did with our 100 Mandirigma Run routine.  In both occasions, I was lucky enough to have some saving graces.  These came in the form of Coach Mherlz for 100 Mandirigma who helped  me with some on-the-spot stretch moves right atop the stage when I cannot anymore think of any due to mental block and a much longer prep time for this most recent Energen run for me to create and practice my routine to perfection.

Here is the routine I prepared:

Part 1

Dynamic Stretching (and 2 Static Ones) which is a total body (from head to foot) stretching routine which I devised by consolidating everything I learned from the numerous running clinics and races that I had joined and from YouTube.  However, for me not to forget a step mid-routine, I arranged them in a head to foot manner.

1.   Neck Stretch Up,  Down,  RSide & LSide
2.   Neck Roll CW & CCW
3.   Shoulder Rotation CW & CCW
4.   Arms Rolation CW & CCW
5.   Wrist Rotation CW & CCW
6.   Arm Swing
7.   Vogue Arm Swing
8.   Body Hug
9.   Side Stretch
10. Side Reach
11. Toe Touch
12. Hip Rotation CW & CCW
13. Otch Otcho
12. Leg Rotation
13. Knick Knacks
14. Lunges
15. Skater Lunge
16. Knee Rotation
17. Knee Hug Wd Ankle Rotation

Part 2

Intense and Heart Beat Upping Routine.  The inspiration of this routine is the Philippine Marines warm-up exercise which jives to the beat of an accompanying upbeat music I happened to join during the media launch and on the day itself of their obstacle run, Karera Lakas Pilipinas.  This part is defined by a continuous jumping jack variation moves.
1.  Tip Tap
2.  Elbow to Knee
3.  Front Kick
4.  Kick Back and Side
5.  Front Kick
6.  Jumping Jacks
7.  JJ with Twist
8.  Front and Back
9.  Side to Side
10. Skate Slide
11. Scissor Kick Slide
12. Toy Soldier
13. Jog in Place
14. Knee High
15. Butt Kick
16. Tip Tap
17. Inhale Exhale

It Proved a Bit Too Much!

In hindsight I think I must have overdid the length and intensity of this part and it turned out to be a complete aerobic exercise in itself and not anymore a part of a warm-up routine.  It was used for the first time at this race so I think revision is in the process. What necessitated the length is the bit of information I got from the internet that the warm-up should be 8-10 minutes in length to be effective.  It did not specify though the degree of intensity throughout this duration.

The Diva Fitting Music

What more divalicious than these 2 international music superstars who happened to just released their respective Billboard’s Top 10 hits?  Lady Gaga, the imminent successor to Madonna being a gay icon, with her Applause and Britney Spears, another pop diva, with her very exercise apt music, Work B_tch!, whose title and lyrics are a little bit provocative to be completely spelled.

I used the extended version of both songs:

  • DJ White Shadow Electrotech Remix version of Applause
  • Zertop’s Work B_tch version which I shortened a bit

Here is the Energen Diva Warm-up Routine Music
Applause Work Bitch Stretching Music.mp3

Some Photos Taken During the Event

Photo Credit:     Tara Trip Tayo
Sammy dela Cruz
Ivan Patrick Campusano
Red Ginger

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