WHAT:           CAVINTI Road and Trail Adventure Marathon
WHEN:           November 30, 2013
WHERE:          Cavinti Town Plaza, Cavinti, Laguna

DISTANCES:       6K, 12K, 21K, and 42K


Cheapangga Overview

Provincial races are in vogue with more seasoned runners as well as most adventurous fun runners from the metro as they provide the needed respite from the usual routes offered by most races here in the urban jungle that is Metro Manila.  Fresh air, fresh sceneries, fresh routes, fresh everything; amidst air, noise and all forms of pollution prevalent here, these are the very antidote to all these stressful things that define our day-to-day life.  Therefore, whenever promising and new races in the immediate provinces that do not require all day to travel to, and with and exciting aspect to them like trail route and/or ultra-distance, they sure will get some attention.

Registration Details


  • ARC Manila
  • Second Wind Running Stor
  • 100 Miles Café
  • Green Planet
  • AX Fitness Center

Registration Fees and Inclusions


NOTE:     There will be a 10+1 PROMO for groups of ten (10) Runners who will register together. For every group of 10 runners, One (1) Race packet will be given for FREE for a distance not exceeding the longest distance a member has registered in. Ex. If a group registers for 5x12k and 5x21k, 1 Free race kit for 12k or 21k shall be given.

Promo will last up to November 16, 2013, Saturday only! So Register now!

Assembly Time and Cut-off Times


Bib Design


Singlet Design


Finisher’s Shirt

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The Picturesque Trail Route

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From the Organizers

The first ever Cavinti Adventure Trail Marathon will be held on November 30, 2013 in the beautiful, centuries-old town of Cavinti, Laguna Province and starts at the Town Plaza, fronting the historic Our Lord Parish Church.

The town is hosting for the first time a trail run marathon with runners completing a scenic loop deep within forest trails and rough roads, woodlands, rivers, falls and a lake that will surely mesmerize runners completing their respective distances.

The course for the 42k runners will have moderate to steep rolling hills, several river crossings, one of which will lead to the Cavinti underground river. Mild to cool temperatures, expansive views of surrounding mountains, rolling hills, moderate elevation gains, a beautiful lake and wildflower meadows will be some of  the highlights of this race.The start will be at the Cavinti Town Plaza where the town mayor and the townsfolk of Cavinti will be on hand to send-off the runners in their adventure run while the finish will end at the Bumbungan Eco Park Falls where runners will be treated with a sumptuous lunch after they cross the finish line.

The organizers will just be setting up conveniently placed refilling stations in different points of the route. No cups will be provided to ensure an environmentally friendly race.

So runners are encouraged to bring their own hydration bottles, Hydration back-packs, hydration belts or any hydration gear.

Last Look

I have noticed the onslaught of trail and out-of-town racers these past few years. I had my good share of them and found them addicting indeed.  And with the race organizers becoming more sensitive to the needs of participants from the Metro Manila area providing the necessary transportation provisions, a far more greater number will be enticed to join each time.  With very much affordable registration fees being offered and the promise of an experience of a lifetime that is priceless, who would not be?