WHAT:              Rexona Run 2013 – Run to your Beat
WHEN:             October 20, 2013 (Sunday)
WHERE:            SM Mall of Asia Grounds

DISTANCES:    5K, 10K, and 21K

Run to Your Beat1

Cheapangga Overview

Do: More!  With running, music is one of those factors that make each runner, do more!

From the uber hip media launch held September 28 at the Club Haze, Fort Strip, the stage has been set for this year’s edition of Rexona Run to something upbeat and exciting.  Not one but 3 DJs representing each category filled the house with club and techno dance music to the interplay of strobe and laser lights.

No less than a TV personality and celebrity DJ Boom Gonzales led the presentation with Coach Rio even revealing his choice running music that provides him the needed boost to reach the finish line strong.  Aside from music, proper preparation before the race that includes a dynamic warm-up and stretching is also important in order to Do: More.  Coach Rio likewise demonstrated the proper way to do them for each race category.

The “Drama” this Year

Music! Music! Music!

As with previous years, Rexona Run 2013 is sure to be exciting and fun!  The lilting beats of rock, pop and dance music will fill the entire route as popular local bands and celebrity DJs will be situated at several pivotal points along the route.  These will make this year’s edition a multi sensory environment that will boost the energy of runners and will make this race an unforgettable experience.  Headphones are deemed useless here.

Here is the list of performers for each category:

5K Performers

  • Delta Street
  • Sandwich
  • The Diegos
  • DJ Mia Ayesa
  • Deuce Manila
  • DJ Nina

10K Performers

  • Funk Avy
  • DJ Khai

21K Performers and Finale Concert Artists

  • Rico Blanco
  • Elmo Magalona
  • DJ Mars Miranda

The fun continues after the race with the culminating party!

Registration Details

Online Registration www.runrio.com

On-site Registration

  • Riovanna BGC
  • Riovanna Katipunan
  • Toby’s Arena SM MOA
  • Toby’s Arena SM North The Block

Registration is ongoing until October 16, 2013

RACE KIT CLAIMING   –   October 16-18 at Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Registration Fees and Inclusions



Gun Start


Prizes for the Winners




  • 887 6194, +097 347 7700 (Globe)
  • 0929 717 864 (Smart)

From the Event PR

From the gun start to the finish line, this year’s Rexona Run promises to push running enthusiasts, professional runners and recreational runners to DO:MORE.

Mar Corazo, Rexona Brand Manager says, “We are always finding ways to make the Rexona Run more exciting than the last. This year, we wanted the Rexona Run to appeal to more people and inspire them to Do:More.”

As one of the most sought after races in the Philippines, runners look forward to the Rexona Run every year for its exciting twists, prizes and categories.

On October 20, 2013 at the Mall of Asia Grounds, be prepared for a different kind of race—the Rexona Run To Your Beat, the Philippines’ first ever multi-sensorial night run where live music pushes people to run further and culminates in a party at the finish line.

“This was inspired by the insight that when you run to the beat of the music, you run faster, you go further, you’re energized to do more,” said the Rexona Brand Manager.

From the first gun start at 3AM, live performances will be scattered around the race track, adding a very different take on running. The 5k race will have performances by Delta Street, Sandwich, The Diegos, DJ Mia Ayesa, Deuce Manila and DJ Nina.  The 10k race will get the chance to run to Funk Avy and DJ Khai.  While the 21k race will see all performances, as well as the finale concert of Rico Blanco, Elmo Magalona and DJ Mars Miranda.

Coach Rio, Rexona partner and running expert says, “It’s been proven that listening to music unleashes your energy, allowing you to run further.”

In line with Rexona’s DO: MORE philosophy, Run to Your Beat presents the perfect avenue for all individuals to DO:MORE – whether you’re an avid runner or leisure runner.

Run to Your Beat is also the ultimate test of Rexona’s efficacy because the product keeps you dry and fresh from the start of the race until the end of the party.


With host Boom Gonzales
With host Boom Gonzales
With Supermodel Apples Aberin
With Supermodel Apples Aberin