As the saying goes, “If you can’t join them, watch them!”  Sorry but I must have gotten the cliche wrong.  Anyways, I know you can get my drift here.

The admiration I have for these kids is so great even though I may not have watched them do the triathlon thing first hand.  I just saw them do the aquathlon and yet, my admiration is already beyond my beauty!  Which means so great really!  Hahaha…. Pardon my self-indulgence, but who else will?

My experience watching Ironkids Aquathlon can be read here.

Well, I just have to contend with watching them in action through this video.  Hopefully, many stage dads and moms will get smitten by the sport as much as I did and be convinced to give an all out support for their kids to become one!  If only I have my own!

Watch and learn adults!

And then there were adults doing their thing!  My aspirations of becoming a triathlete may just be left at that, just a thing to be aspired for.  But that won’t stop me from being a jealous voyeur here.

I know most of you runners are on their way to learning the ropes of swimming and biking and incorporating them to running.  Come next year, no doubt you will be the ones I will see in this video trying to indulge my grave envy.

But for now, be very inspired by this video snippets of the great excitement and ferocious competition that took place at the recently concluded Cobra Ironman 70.3 Philippines.

Next year tayo naman!  Well, with some sponsors, why not?